Extract specific information from tickets using Parseur

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The ticketing industry is a busy one and an important aspect of being in this industry is ensuring that your customers are always satisfied with your service.

As a retailer in a ticketing company, you want your customer’s experience to be seamless and as automated as possible.

Extract specific information from tickets using Parseur

Let’s say there is a big event or concert coming up in a month, not only do you have to coordinate with the providers but also ensure that the right tickets are being sold within the timeframes given to you. Once tickets are sold, you have to keep important details about each customer (name, date, amount paid, seat number).

It can be time consuming to quickly select important information, especially if you are processing hundreds ticket purchases per day.

This is where Parseur comes in!

What is Parseur?

If you are new to the email parsing software, here’s what it’s all about!

An email parser lets you extract specific data and information from your emails automatically. Parseur is a powerful mail parser software which enables powerful data extractions in no time, with zero coding experience!

It does not matter if you are not a tech guy as Parseur is user-friendly and can be integrated with thousands of applications effortlessly.

Benefits of using Parseur for processing tickets

Our clients use Parseur in order to:

  • Extract specific information from tickets automatically which saves countless hours of manual work
  • Download parsed data in formats such as Microsoft excel, CSV or JSON
  • Export extracted data to any application

Let’s take the case where a big musical festival is coming up in a month. As a retailer, you have already made your bulk purchases from your providers and are now selling those tickets. You are receiving hundreds of emails on a daily basis about the status of your tickets. Manually extracting essential details from those tickets take hours of your time.

Why not automate this part with Parseur so that you can focus on other aspects of the business?

How to get started?

Step 1: Sign up for your free account on Parseur

Create my Parseur account
Free to start with. All features enabled on our Free forever plan!

First, create an account on Parseur, which is free to start with all the features for a limited amount of emails per month.

Once you have signed up, you will be prompted to create your mailbox.

Choose a name for the mailbox and select “custom emails (default)”

If you are going to process email attachments, select the second option.

Select custom emails

Select type of mailbox

Check out instructions in the following page to setup your Parseur mailbox.

Step 2: Forward your email to Parseur mailbox

You will receive an email address (for example, ticket.samples@in.parseur.com) from Parseur for your mailbox.

Send a first email to the mailbox, and from there, you will be able to create your template.

Your Parseur mailbox should receive the email within less than 10 seconds!

Example of an AnyTickets email

Example of an AnyTickets confirmation email

Step 3: Highlight data which needs to be extracted

highlight specific data

Highlight specific data

Parseur will typically extract the following information from each tickets:

  • Invoice number
  • Order number
  • Customer name
  • Event name
  • Venue
  • Seat number
  • Date of event
  • Cost of ticket

Here, you will teach Parseur which specific data you require in your ticket emails. Once you have highlighted and created data fields for them, click on create template and it’s done!

Every email that you forward to your Parseur mailbox will be automatically processed as per below:

emails processed automatically

Emails are processed automatically

Like we mentioned in the article earlier, you can download your parsed data or send them to various applications using Zapier, Microsoft Flow, Integromat or your own custom backend using Webhooks.

Simply go to export on your mailbox and you will be able send your parsed data anywhere.

export parsed data

Export parsed data

Retail sales do not have to be so time-consuming if you can automate business processes within your company. You can then allocate extracted data effectively to your support teams, reducing your costs and increasing the quality of customer service.

Read what one of our customer has to say about us:

We are able to automate sorting, transcribing and filing of thousands of emails our company receives daily. We've come to really appreciate the customizability and ease of use of Parseur.

—a leading provider of concerts and live tickets

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