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Are you in the automotive industry or in car dealerships? Do you get hundreds of car leads from your emails, contact forms, and other automotive lead generation sites?

The format in which you receive that information from potential car buyers may be different and poorly structured. It can be time-consuming to manually retrieve the exact data that you need, thus slowing down your sales process.

Parseur has a very simple solution for you!

Why use Parseur to manage your car sales leads?

As a powerful email parsing tool, Parseur allows you to easily extract specific text from your automotive leads received by email. You can export parsed data to any applications. This way, you never keep potential customers waiting!

Let's get started and see how that works!

Step 1: Sign up for your free plan on Parseur

Sign up to Parseur. Parseur is free to start with and you get access to all features!

Start parsing my emails
Free to start with. All features enabled on our Free plan!

Step 2: Create your Parseur mailbox

Parseur will prompt you to name your mailbox once the account is created. You can also follow the instructions from our support articles.

Enter a name for your mailbox

Enter a name for your mailbox

Click next and select custom emails (default). If you receive email attachments as well, you can click on the second option.

Select mailbox type

Select mailbox type

Step 3: Forward your email from your personal inbox to your Parseur mailbox

You will receive an email address for your mailbox to forward your first email to.

As an example, we will take the case where car dealers receive customer leads via CarGurus. Parseur processes emails from other car websites as well such as Cars.com , CarsDirect.com among other auto industry leading dealerships. Parseur can extract data from any email or attachment.

Step 4: Create your first template to extract data from email leads

Once Parseur receives your email, you will be asked to create your first template.

This is an example of a typical email received from CarGurus.com

This is an example of a typical email received from CarGurus.com

From there, you can teach Parseur which specific information you require.

Highlight the data and create fields for each of them, as per below screenshot:

Highlight text you want to extract from your email

Highlight text you want to extract from your email

Save the template and check that your document was processed correctly. This is how your parsed results will look:

Your automotive lead data has been extracted!

Your automotive lead data has been extracted!

It takes a couple of minutes to create a template and this is just a simple one-time process to create parsing rules for your template. You have the freedom to choose which data you need and which ones can be discarded.

Step 5: Forward your leads automatically to your mailbox

Once your first template is ready, every email that you send in a similar format will be processed automatically! There will be zero manual work for you as this process will be completely automated.

For best results, we recommend set up an auto-forward for your emails.

Step 6: Export your parsed data to any application

Once data has been extracted, you can send it anywhere you need.

Parseur offers several export strategies. You can:

  1. download the extracted information as Excel, CSV or JSON
  2. Send it to Google Sheets
  3. Export the structured data in real-time to any applications of your choice (CRM or marketing automation)
Export your parsed automotive data to any application of your choice

Export your parsed automotive data to any application of your choice

This can be achieved quickly and effectively via Zapier, Microsoft Flow, or Integromat in a matter of seconds. If unsure where to start, we recommend starting with Zapier which is a cloud automation tool facilitating the integration between Parseur and thousands of applications.

Check out what our happy clients from the automotive industry have to say about us!

Data entry is quicker (instant!) and much more reliable. It's helped us coordinate information from different email sources into one spreadsheet with zero manual input from us.

—Cawdor Cars

All-in-one data extraction software. Start using Parseur today.

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Save hundreds of hours of manual work.
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