Processing delivery notes with AI?

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Key takeaways:

  • AI can help supply chain operations reduce forecasting errors by up to 50% and can lead to a 65% reduction in lost sales.
  • Manually processing delivery notes is time consuming and boring.
  • An AI parser, like Parseur helps to automate data extraction from delivery notes efficiently.

Picture this: piles of delivery notes stacked higher than La Sagrada Familia, each holding precious data waiting to be discovered. Sounds daunting. I can already see your sigh.

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I can already see your sigh

It’s high time we turn those 'Oh no!' moments into 'Aha!' ones and conquer the world of delivery notes with AI together!

The importance of delivery notes in supply chain and logistics

A delivery note, also known as a dispatch note or a good received note, is an important document accompanying a company’s shipment. It acts as a checklist to specify a shipment’s contents. They are the VIPs (very important papers) in the supply chain and logistics world.

What does a delivery note include?

Delivery notes are proof of delivery, and they should include:

  • The date of issue
  • The date of delivery
  • Carrier’s name
  • Detailed description of the goods
  • Load information
Create a receipt OCR mailbox

Example of a delivery note

Extracting data from delivery notes manually is a no-no

We’re in 2024 and the AI era is already upon us. Doing data extraction manually should no longer be part of your work processes. It is time-consuming, boring and repetitive.

Delivery notes do not come in standard formats; they can have different layouts which makes it challenging to retrieve key information from. It can also lead to data entry errors while manually entering data.

Artificial intelligence has shown us that there is always a tool somewhere to automate mundane tasks and here, this tool is called an AI parser.

Processing data from delivery notes with AI

Choosing the right AI parser is like selecting your magic wand. It’s more or less the same feeling you get when you are in the Harry Potter shop.

AI can help supply chain operations reduce forecasting errors by up to 50% and can lead to a 65% reduction in lost sales.

Why is Parseur like your magic wand?

Parseur is like Sherlock Holmes… It investigates the delivery notes and identifies key elements like the sender, recipient, and delivery date.


Parseur = Sherlock

The cool thing about Parseur is that, compared to other AI parsers, you don’t need to train the AI model from scratch for it to work properly. Once it receives the delivery notes, data will be processed automatically.

Of course, like a dragon that obeys only its master, you can also teach the AI data extraction tool which data to extract and which ones to ignore.

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Bend the knee

Extract data from delivery notes with AI
Free to start with. All features are enabled on our Free Forever plan!

Let’s cast the spell: how to start the AI data extraction process?

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Cast the spell

Create a delivery note mailbox and drag and drop one of the document into the mailbox.

Create a delivery note mailbox

Create a delivery note mailbox

The AI parser will extract data from the delivery note instantly:

Delivery note: parsed data

Delivery note: parsed data

You can also update the fields and teach Parseur which specific information you need.

From now on, each time you send a delivery note to that specific mailbox, the data will be processed automatically.

Brew a potion of data integration

Parseur offers seamless integration with 1500+ applications via Zapier and Make. In this way, you’ll be able to create an automated workflow from the moment you have the delivery note to adding that data to another app.

Do you feel like a data extraction wizard now?

I hope you’re nodding your head and saying "yes," or else, I did a bad job. Parseur is super easy and simple to step up and you can try our powerful AI engine through our free plan. Give it a try and let us know how it feels ;)

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