Best email parser software in 2023

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Having an overloaded mailbox full of emails and attachments is never fun. It takes a lot of work and time to manually go through your inbox on a daily basis in order to achieve inbox zero.

If you are in the real estate business, you may be receiving leads from different platforms and third-party sites as well. If you are in the e-commerce industry, all your order confirmations come into your inbox. The same goes for someone who is in the food delivery sector. You may then need to extract specific information from incoming emails and send it to Google sheets, a CRM tool, or any other application.

It's a rather simple manual data entry process but a time-consuming one, especially if your business is growing and you are receiving a lot of emails. Customer relationships are of utmost importance and no one wants to make a potential customer wait because of manual processes.

This is where an email parsing tool comes in handy!

What is an email parser?

An email parser is a software that allows you to extract text or data from emails and attachments. You can then export the parsed data to other business applications. With an email parser, you can save countless hours of manual processing, be cost-efficient and scale your business up in no time.

Why use an email parser?

Email parsing tools do so much more than just data extraction. We have summarized the top benefits of using an email parser for your business below:

Extract data from Outlook and Gmail easily

Email parsers are generally compatible with every email provider. Thus, emails received from Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, or Yahoo can be extracted quickly.

Some email parser tools can only work with text-based emails but the most advanced ones can directly work with content-rich emails and even parse their attachments.

Save time and money

No matter in which industry you are in, an email parsing software will be able to extract specific data automatically. This can be done via templates or parsing rules, depending on which email parser tool you are using.

Automating text extraction from emails will save you countless hours of manual data entry which will turn into huge cost savings. It will also absorb peaks of activity without overworking your team or requiring you to hire temps during peaks.

No need to be tech-savvy anymore

In the past, using or creating an email parser required you to have strong coding skills. You had to deal with setting up an IMAP server, decoding multipart MIME emails and crafting regular expressions to extract patterns from content.

Those days are long gone. Nowadays, email parsers are here to easily replace your manual data entry. The best email parsers are point and click and can be used by about anybody. They make it easy to setup a data extraction workflow for a new type of email in minutes!

Connect your email data to your business applications

A good email parser will integrate seamlessly with all your business applications. Extracted email data can be sent automatically and instantly. No need to have somebody watching your shared business mailbox and copy and paste every incoming request into your system.

Let the robots do the boring work!

The best email parsers

Of course, you can still create your own email parser from scratch. But believe us when we say that it will be a huge time sink. Email parsing is a commodity nowadays and you have plenty of powerful and affordable parsing solutions to choose from.

Here are our top 5 picks for 2023:

  1. Parseur
  2. Zapier email parser
  3. Email parser
  4. Mailparser
  5. SigParser
Top email parser software for 2023

Top email parser software for 2023

Parseur for heavy-duty email processing automation

Example of a template in Parseur

The visual template editor lets you quickly highlight the fields to capture in a sample email

Parseur is our very own tool, so of course we our very proud of its capabilities! That being said, we always try to be as objective as can be when assessing its capabilities against the other tools out there.

Parseur is a no-code email parsing tool that extracts data from emails, and other documents. What makes Parseur unique is that it provides supports automatic layout detection. That is, if you receive emails from various sources with different layouts, there is no need to create separate mailboxes for different emails. Just create a template to teach Parseur what field to extract from each email layout. Then, Parseur automatically picks up the right template whenever a new email is forwarded to the mailbox.

Parseur also has a powerful OCR engine to extract text and table from PDFs using Zonal OCR and Dynamic OCR.

What does Parseur do well?

Parseur was established in 2016 and has the following top-notch features for email processing automation:

  • Parse emails and email attachment formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, Word and RTF.
  • Use our visual point & click template editor. No need to create complex parsing rules.
  • Use field formats to normalise names, numbers, dates, times and geolocate addresses
  • Send extracted data instantly to thousands of applications directly, including Zapier, Make, and Power automate connexions.

Parseur also provides a built-in library of ready-made templates for different industries such as real estate, food ordering, Google Alerts, and job search.

And, to top it all, Parseur is built for heavy during parsing, capable of parsing tens of thousands documents per minute.

Parseur pricing is very affordable when compared to the cost of doing manual data entry. And it also comes with a free plan with all the features available!

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Having a powerful email parsing tool can help you automate your business processes, saving you countless hours of work.

Zapier email parser for simple parsing requirements

Example of a template in Zapier email parser

Zapier also comes with a point and click editor, although it only supports text emails not does not support attachments.

Zapier Parser works perfectly for those who want to dip their toes in email parsing for the first time. It is free, easy to use and set up and you can create unlimited mailboxes.

If you want to use Zapier integrations, then its email parser is great to combine with. Zapier integrates with over thousands of applications to which you can send data. All you have to do is set up your trigger and action in the “Zap”.

If you have simple processes to automate, then Zapier Email Parser does a great job.

However, for more complex document parsing workflows, for example requiring table parsing, attachment parsing, or multi-layout support, the tool may not be your best choice.

Email Parser for Windows users

Example of a template in email parser

Email Parser is a desktop mail parsing application for windows

Email parser is a Windows standalone application and works well for those who want to keep all their data locally or connect to application on their local network. It can connect to any email provider so that you can forward your emails to the mailbox and, it can parse data from any documents as well. The Windows app comes with a yearly subscription package that starts at $79.

The email parsing tool uses parsing rules to work, which can sometimes be a bit complex to manage and maintain. If you want the software to run continuously, you will also need to leave a computer always on in your office with the tool running on it.

Mailparser for parsing rules


Mailparser uses individual parsing rules to extract text from emails

Mailparser is one of the oldest email parsers that boasts advanced features, just like Parseur. The email parsing tool is a rule-based which means that you need to create rule for every field you want to extract in an email.

Creating rules can take time to set up especially if you do not have a technical background. But once the rules are set up, it will parse the emails and documents automatically. Attachment parsing, metadata parsing and table parsing can all be done using rules.

Mailparser does not provide the automatic layout detection feature which means that you have to create a new mailbox for each email layout and manually route those emails to the right mailbox.

Overall, Mailparser is a powerful parser but would be a little more complex to manage for those who are not tech-savvy.

SigParser for parsing email signatures

Example of a template in SigParser

SigParser specializes in extracting contact details from email signatures

SigParser is focused on extracting contact details from email signatures and it does a great job at it! Most email signatures contain contact information of your leads or clients and they come in different formats and styles. Manually extracting those and putting them into a CRM software is tedious. SigParser does the job for you by identifying the name, address, phone number and updating the contact details in any CRM tool.

With its free version, it can extract contacts details from the last 90 days of 3 mailboxes.

If all that you want to do is scrape email signatures, then SigParser is the one for you.

In a nutshell, best email parser comparison table

Parseur Mailparser Zapier email parser Email parser SigParser
Setup Templates Rules Templates Rules Auto
Automatic parsing Yes, many Yes, some No No Yes
Multi-layout support Yes, auto Yes, manual No No N/A
Table parsing Yes, Point & Click Yes, via rules No No N/A
Metadata parsing Yes Yes No No N/A
Post processing Yes Yes Via multi-step zap No No
Cloud based Yes Yes Yes No Yes
API Yes No No Yes Yes
PDF parsing Yes, OCR Yes, text only No No NA
Attachment parsing Yes, many formats Only Word and PDF No No No

Wrapping up

Every email parser application offers different features and benefits. It will depend in which industry you are in and how you want to integrate an email parsing tool in your business. However, without any doubt, using an email parser will help you save countless hours of manual work and scale up your business.

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