Automatically export applicants from a LinkedIn Job Post

In this article, we will explain how Parseur can help automatically export applicants of a LinkedIn job post to Excel, Google Sheets or any HR application. We will focus here on LinkedIn Job ads but this article is actually applicable to any Job Ad board website that sends an email when a candidate applies to a job post.

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The problem with LinkedIn Job Posts

Adding a job post from your company on LinkedIn Talent Solutions is a great way to get extended visibility and attract the best candidates for a job. In fact, LinkedIn has the best and largest pool of high quality referenced professionals in the world.

However, your job post may sometimes become victim of its own success as you may receive hundreds of applications for a single post. And that's a great problem to have!

So, you would like to export all those jobs applications into your own tool. But how?

Manually tracking applicants? Bad idea.

Maybe you are currently tracking applications manually, copying and pasting applicants information into a tool like Excel.

This is not a workable solution for several reasons:

  1. Calculate the time spent on manually tracking candidates multiplied by the number of candidates. You may be horrified by the result.
  2. Multiply the time spent manually tracking candidates by the cost of your HR team. It may be more than you are willing to spend for such a low added value activity.
  3. Ever had the case of missing an email or wrongly copying the data? You don't want your company to look bad and often the first contact with a company is a deciding factor for an applicant.

What if you could automate processing of LinkedIn job applications received by email for a fraction of the effort and cost you are currently spending?

Automate export of LinkedIn job applications: Parseur to the rescue

This is where Parseur can help. Parseur is an email processing service that exports information from emails to any application. Our customers are using Parseur to automatically process LinkedIn Job Applications.

Every time a candidate submits his application on your LinkedIn job post, you receive an email with a summary of the candidate profile, experience and contact information. That email contains all information you need to manage your application pipeline.

LinkedIn job application email sample

LinkedIn job application email sample

Data you will likely want to capture:

  • Job Post or Role name
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Current title and position
  • Past title and position
  • Education
  • Recommendations (if any)
  • Number of connections

How to extract text from job applications with Parseur?

Parseur automates text extraction from those emails for you. Let’s go ahead and create an account.

After registration, Parseur asks you to create your first mailbox and select Job applications when prompted for type of documents to process.

Select Job applications

Select Job applications

Then, forward a sample of a LinkedIn job application email.

Note: for best results, we recommend you forward your emails from your original email client (Gmail, yahoo, etc.) and not from your phone or desktop email client (Apple mail, Outlook etc.).

Parseur comes with a set of pre-made templates for job applications. Parseur will process your emails immediately if it knows the format already.

If not, Parseur will ask you to create a template for that type of emails. Creating a template is easy, point and click the data you want to extract from the email, give it a name and save. Refer to this article for more information: Getting started with Parseur.

You may also contact us to ask us to add your platform to the list of supported Job application platforms.

LinkedIn job application template example

LinkedIn job application template example

Now, for every email you send, Parseur will automatically extract the information you asked for!

Example of parsed data by Parseur with the original email:

Job Ad Senior Project Manager
Title PMP Certified Project Manager
Location Boston Area, MA, USA
Current Senior Manager at Accenture
Past Manager at Accenture Project Manager at Capgemini
Education Grenoble School of Computer Science
Recommendations 2 people
Connections 580
Phone +1 234 456 789
Received 2019-01-24T12:14:21.340856+00:00

Pro tip: you may also want to automate sending these emails to Parseur:

  • If possible, add the email address we created for you to the platform notification email address. This way, all job applications will directly be sent to Parseur
  • Alternatively, you can set up a forwarding rule in your email client so that every email corresponding to your filters (e.g. sender is will be forwarded to Parseur. Head over to the following article: how to set up automatic email forwarding.

Export your job application data

The last step is to decide where you want to export job application data to.

You have several options:

  1. Download the data and open it in Excel
  2. Download the data as CSV and feed it to the application of your choice
  3. Automatically export your data in Google Sheet: the spreadsheet will be automatically updated every time a new job application is received
  4. Automatically export your data in real time to the HR application of your choice like Zoho Recruit, Workable or Breezy HR using our Zapier integration
  5. Export to your custom application through a webhook

Bonus: consolidate applications from different Job Ad websites

You may be posting your job applications on several websites: your own company website, LinkedIn, Indeed, CraigList, Glassdoor, Monster, etc.

And it can quickly become a nightmare to manage applications in different platforms.

Fortunately, with Parseur, you can create a template for each of these platforms inside the same mailbox. Parseur will automatically choose the template that is the most similar to the email you send (or ask you to create a new one, if it doesn't recognize it).

With Parseur, you can easily consolidate job applications from different platforms into a single source of truth to manage all applications!

Any question? Don't hesitate to use the chat box to contact us.

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