Privacy and GDPR at Parseur

Parseur aims to respect user privacy and ensure the highest levels of data protection. We are committed to adhering to the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (a.k.a. “GDPR”) and, more broadly, to make sure you can keep total control over the data you send us for processing.

Here are the measures we have taken to keep your data private and secure.


You own your content and data

All the emails, documents, and data you send to Parseur are yours. You retain any and all of your rights to any content you submit. In GDPR terms, you are the Data Controller and Parseur is the Data Processor. Parseur processes the data on your behalf and according to your instructions.

You can delete your data at any time

The data you send to Parseur is yours. You can delete it at any time. You can delete a document, a template, a mailbox, or your entire account from your Parseur App. Data will be completely removed from our servers immediately (and removed from any logs and database backups within 45 days maximum).

You can also set a retention policy on your Parseur mailboxes to automatically delete data that is older than your chosen number of days.

You can opt-out of our newsletters at any time

We usually send one newsletter per month detailing the new features and improvements we made to Parseur. You are free to opt out of these newsletters when subscribing to Parseur. You can also unsubscribe at any time later by clicking the "unsubscribe" link from a newsletter.

Parseur will never sell or share your email address with third parties without your explicit consent. We will never send you emails with offers unrelated to Parseur.

We use secure communication and infrastructure hosted in the EU

Parseur adheres to the best practices when it comes to data security and integrity:

  • Communications between you and Parseur servers are encrypted using SSL.
  • We don't store your password (we use a hash). We have no way of knowing your password.
  • We don't store your credit card details: we delegate that to our payment provider, Stripe, that has a PCI DSS compliant infrastructure.
  • Parseur servers are located in the European Union in a highly secure data center complying with ISO 27001.

We don't look at user identities

We don't crawl the web to find social profiles matching your email. Our chat provider offers such a feature but we have disabled it. We are not interested in knowing your Facebook page to do business with you.

We don't share customer data

We never share our customers' identities are unless they authorize us to do so (for example by accepting to be featured in our use cases or by leaving a public review).

And of course, we don't sell your data or customer information to anyone.

We want you to stay in control

In a nutshell, we want you to feel comfortable that your data is processed according to (and even beyond) the high privacy standards of the GDPR. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out via chat, or our contact form.

Learn More

Our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie policy are up to date to ensure their effectiveness in protecting your privacy in line with the GDPR. Don't hesitate to go through them; they are in plain English.

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