How to extract data from travel documents?

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Key takeaways

  • The travel industry has recovered from the pandemic.
  • Travel data is only increasing and processing it manually isn't efficient.
  • A travel automation software like Parseur can save you countless hours of manual processing.

Let's face it, folks. We, in the travel industry, have all had those moments when we've been knee-deep in the quagmire of paperwork, booking inquiries, and ticketing details, and don't even get me started on the dreaded airfare data. Ever felt like this?

Did you ever imagine a world where travel documents are processed automatically? Keep reading if you want to live in that world!

The big data in the travel industry

Last year, 700 million people traveled internationally between January and September, showing that the tourism industry has recovered post-pandemic.

Revenue in the Travel and Tourism market is projected to reach US$854.70 billion in 2023.

Types of travel data

Regarding travel data, it's not only about plane tickets or booking information. The travel industry collects vast amounts of data that come in different forms and from different sources.

  • Flight data: airfare details, flight number, scheduled flights, missed flights
  • Booking data: travel agencies, rates, customers' info
  • Customer/CRM data: travel history, demographics, interests and preferences
  • Itinerary data: an automated or standardized package for travelers, destinations
  • Expenses: any costs related to service providers, offices, or suppliers

We've summarized it under those 5 bullet points, but the data is massive. Most of this data is also unstructured, which makes it difficult to track or structure.

Manual data entry is not an efficient way to track data

It's not uncommon to see travel agencies still processing travel documents manually. Unfortunately, this method is inefficient and lacks organization.

We are in the summer, and that's the peak season for traveling, and we can only imagine the amount of workload, especially if everything is being done manually.

What errors can occur from manual travel data processing?

Apart from drowning in paperwork, several mistakes can happen especially if you are processing many documents simultaneously.

  • Inputting travelers' details wrongly into the system
  • If it's a recurring customer who has loyalty points, his data needs to be matched with an existing database. Forgetting to do so will result in inaccuracies.
  • Missing passport information

The travel sector is very focused on providing the best customer service; one mistake can affect the brand's reputation.

What is travel automation?

Travel automation is a process used to automate various manual tasks in the travel industry. An automated travel system provides huge benefits to travel agencies, such as eliminating human errors and resulting in a better customer experience.

What can be automated in the travel industry?

From booking inquiries to tours and activities, almost every manual task can be automated.

  • Automate data extraction from travel documents (scanned, paper-based)
  • Sort booking inquiries
  • Categorize airfare tickets
  • Match customer data to a CRM tool
  • Analyze data to provide better customer service

Parseur: An AI tool for travel automation

Parseur is an AI OCR tool that automates extracting data from any travel documents and exports that data to another tool. It creates an automated workflow with zero manual intervention.

Artificial intelligence or optical character recognition (OCR) may sound like "big words" and complex but rest assured that those technologies are here to facilitate your work process.

What data can Parseur extract from travel documents?

Parseur can easily retrieve the information below:

  • Customer's personal details
  • Flight number
  • Passport number
  • Destination
  • Arrival date/time
  • Departure date/time
  • Total amount paid

Why should I use Parseur compared to other automation tools?

Great question! Parseur wasn't designed for developers but rather for non-technical people who are struggling with manual processes. The moment you try Parseur, you'll notice that everything is point-and-click, with zero coding knowledge and seamless integration with other apps.

Getting started with travel automation

Create a free mailbox on Parseur and send one of your documents to that mailbox. Parseur can process emails, PDFs or scanned documents

A screen capture of travel mailbox
Create a travel mailbox

Parseur will retrieve data automatically

With AI-assisted templates, Parseur creates data fields and extracts them in the correct output format.

A screen capture of travel template
Create a travel template

A screen capture of travel data
Parsed travel data

Send travel data to Wetravel or other travel/booking apps

Since Parseur has native integration with Zapier, Make and Power Automate, you can send your travel data to thousands of tools, such as Wetravel.

Travel with automation this Summer

Travel automation is not only achievable but also something to be embraced. Think of all the time you can save, the errors you can dodge, and the productivity gains!

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