Barberitos: Customer Success Interview

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The food industry has always been the busiest and the most competitive one. It can get overwhelming to manage your ordering platform especially when you receive hundreds of orders on a daily basis.

By integrating Parseur with your online delivery or ordering platform, you will be able to automate the time consuming and manual tasks and save countless of hours. With Parseur, you can create a food delivery API and export the data to your own POS system.

For our second customer interview success, we had a chat with Mark Boohaker who is the VP of technology for Barberitos.

Questions to Mark Boohaker, VP of technology for Barberitos

Can you introduce yourself? What do you do?

Mark Boohaker, VP of Technology for Barberitos Franchising. Our team's focus is on our Franchise Partners technology toolset. We evaluate, introduce, and at times, create the technology processes needed to ensure unit-level profit objectives as well memorable & relevant retail, web and in-app technology experiences for our Guests.

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Mark Boohaker, VP of Technology: Barberitos

What is your company? Which industry is it in and what does it do?

Barberitos is a 50 unit Fast Casual Burrito chain Headquartered in Athens GA. We've been in the business for 20+ years and have restaurants in the SouthEast US.

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What did you do before using Parseur?

At that time, our POS system lacked a proven "off the self" solution that would integrate our growing list of third party delivery providers to POS. We started down that road, but after an unsuccessful pilot, we regrouped and discovered Parseur. Parseur's technology performs the heavy lifting, and then works seamlessly with downstream cloud-apps and POS for the rest.

How does a document parser help your company?

Parseur is the tool that enabled us to reduce our error margin on digital orders by half, but for pennies on the dollar of alternative end-to-end applications. Our result has been restaurants free of 3rd party tablets, fewer mistakes, and happier Guests.

How much time and revenue did you save with Parseur?

Parseur filled a critical gap for Barberitos. Prior to the pandemic, approx 5% of our sales came through digital channels. That grew to 30% during the height of the pandemic and has now normalized to approximately 20-22%. Parseur was the solution that allowed our organization to capture that new sales channel and flow it into our POS for proper in-store execution and above-store reporting.

What applications do you integrate Parseur with?

Clover POS

What's the one thing you wish our software could do better right now?

Nothing Really.

Why would you recommend our solution to others?

Because Parseur is the best at what they do.

In a nutshell, can you share with us your overall experience with Parseur?


Huge thanks to Mark for his customer success interview on Parseur! If you want to share your journey with Parseur, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to feature your story.

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