How to automate your food ordering process in 2022

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The food industry has always been the busiest one and customer satisfaction is of utmost priority such as delivering food orders on time. Automation is key to scale your food ordering business while keeping costs low and quality high.

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Let’s take the case of Max who owns a successful restaurant. Demand has been increasing considerably for his service. Max receives orders from several food ordering platforms, each comes in a different email format and most of the time, the information is not at the same place.

Max has a team that manually highlights specific information from the orders (items ordered, contact details of the customer, date, and time of the delivery among others) and input those in his Point of Sale application (POS). Based on the data, kitchen prepares the food and drivers are then assigned to specific deliveries.

This ordering process from the moment a customer confirms his order until he receives his food items is very time-consuming for Max which is slowing down the growth of his restaurant. Max would like to maximize the efficiency of his business but he doesn’t know how to code and doesn’t want to invest in a complex tool.

Hence, he opted for Parseur which is a powerful parsing tool that helps to automatically extract data from emails and even export to different applications.

Why use Parseur to automate your food ordering process?

Like the brand name, Parseur is a powerful document parsing tool that extracts specific data from emails and PDFs using automation technologies. With Parseur, you can send in real-time structured data in various business applications in no time.

Step 1: Create a free account on Parseur

Sign up to Parseur. It is free to start and you will get access to all the features!

Create my Parseur account
Free to start with. All features enabled on our Free plan!

Step 2: Create your Parseur mailbox

You can follow the instructions on how to create your first mailbox here.

Be sure to choose the option “food delivery orders” so that you can get access to Parseur’s ready-made templates.

Select Food Delivery Orders

Select Food delivery orders

Step 3: Forward your order confirmations to your Parseur mailbox

order confirmation from a restaurant example

This is an example of an order confirmation from Max’s restaurant

Parseur can also help you create your own API for different online delivery platforms such as Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu, Chownow and many more!

Check out our list of supported food ordering platforms and extracted fields.

Parseur usually processes the orders confirmations from those platforms automatically, saving you hours of manual data entry work on your order details.

It’s more or less the same process. Send your order confirmations to your Parseur mailbox.

Even if orders are in PDF, HTML, or text, as a powerful email parser, Parseur can easily extract the required information and this is done automatically with templates already customized for food orders.

This is an example of parsed data captured by a template in Parseur for Grubhub:

Example of a data extraction template for Grubhub orders

Example of a data extraction template for Grubhub orders

Step 4 (optional): Teach Parseur which specific data needs to be extracted

If your document isn't automatically processed, you can create your own custom template.

Choose from the given fields at your right and select the data that need to be extracted. Parseur has a range of pre-coded fields to help you create your data fields (order number, phone number of customers, the total amount of all the items bought among others)

create data fields to extract data

Your document to the left, pre-defined fields to the right

Your template once you highlighted the text you want to extract

Your template once you highlighted the text you want to extract

After saving your template, your parsed results will look like this:

Your data extracted by Parseur

Your data extracted by Parseur

Step 5: Download or export your food orders

Once your document has been successfully parsed, you can even export your extracted data to:

  1. Your own POS (Point of Sale) system via Webhook
  2. Google Sheets
  3. A delivery tracking application like GetSwift
  4. Any other applications via Zapier
Send your food order data anywhere!

Send your food order data anywhere!

Max can send those data to google sheets in real-time and assign his drivers more effectively to each delivery. His point of sale system also gets all the data, keeping Max’s accounting up to date with online orders at all times. This automatic process enables Max to save countless hours per day.

His business process has been completely automated. Thus, he is able to take on new clients and scale his restaurant!

Easy to use, simple to extract data, prompt service


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