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Are you in the helpdesk and support department where you have to handle daily requests from customers? It can be time consuming to handle all those queries on a daily basis as customers want to resolve their issues quickly. Clients who contact you via email, web form, live chat or phone always expect a reply as quickly as possible.

An email ticketing system will improve and automate ticket management within your organization.

Happy and satisfied customers are what boost your sales in any industry and customer support is an essential part of any business.

Taking care of urgent issues should be done promptly and it is important not miss any customer request and manually inputting email messages in your helpdesk software is time extensive.

What is an email based ticketing system?

An email-to-ticket integration will help you to organize your incoming emails, requests and queries from customers by converting them into assigned tickets.

Having an email parsing tool at hand will seamlessly convert your emails into helpdesk tickets automatically, especially when you need to filter out specific data from those emails. Support tickets can be created automatically in your email ticketing system so that you can focus on tracking and prioritizing requests and customer queries.

Why should you integrate Parseur with your helpdesk ticketing system?

  • Do you manually convert emails to tickets?
  • Is your mailbox overflowing with emails and requests from clients?
  • Do you receive system notifications for which you have to assign tickets regularly?

If this sounds like you, then you need to automate your helpdesk workflow process so that your support team can attend service requests efficiently in no time and thus, increasing the customer satisfaction.

As a powerful no-code mail parser tool, Parseur can automatically extract specific data from emails and documents. The parsed email data can then be downloaded or exported to your ticketing system via Zapier.

Parseur is easily integrated with tools such as Freshdesk, Zendesk and Teamwork Desk among others.

It doesn't matter in which email service (Outlook or Gmail), Parseur can extract any information in any format and layout.

Deliver exceptional customer service with Parseur integration

With this powerful integration you will be able to:

  • Create a ticket automatically whenever a user fills in a support form on your website
  • Add a note to an existing ticket
  • Create a ticket whenever you receive an email alerts for system monitoring

And, many more!

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Step 1: Sign up for your free plan with Parseur and create your mailbox

Parseur is free to start with and you get access to all features!

Select Custom emails (default) or Custom emails and attachments if you need to extract data from email attachments.

A screen capture of mailbox type
Select custom emails (default)

Once your mailbox is created, you will receive an email address where you can forward your emails.

Step 2: Forward your email to convert into a ticket

Your email will arrive in less than 10 seconds.

You can also set up an auto-forwarding rule from your personal mailbox to your Parseur mailbox.

A screen capture of ticket email
Forward your email to your Parseur mailbox

Step 3: Create a template to extract data you want to send to your ticketing software

Parseur is Point & Click! No parsing rules need to be created for the data extraction process. You just have to highlight the text elements that you want to extract and create data fields for them. You can create as many templates as you need, depending on the different layouts of your emails.

Parseur also comes with an built-in library of templates to automatically parse emails for different use cases.

A screen capture of ticket template
Highlight specific data which Parseur needs to extract

Step 4: Export the parsed data to your ticketing system

The extracted data can be either downloaded or sent in real time to help desk ticketing systems via Zapier.

Zapier is a cloud-based automation tool that connects apps together.

Click on "export" and search for your tool under Zapier. You will be redirected to the Zapier dashboard where you can customize your tickets.

You can follow the steps in this article to create new Freshdesk tickets from email

A screen capture of ticket zapier
Example of a customized Freshdesk ticket in Zapier

Automating repetitive tasks will save time, money and increase customer satisfaction for your business. Your team will be more responsive and will be able to focus on delivering the best customer experience.

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