How to extract email data from Craigslist?

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If you are selling your products on one of the largest buying and selling platforms like Craigslist, you can be certain to receive hundreds of emails daily in your inbox. However, manually extracting data from emails such as the customer's name, phone number and the items purchased is time consuming to any seller.

One of the common drawbacks of Craigslist ads is that once the responses start pouring in, businesses cannot keep up with all of them. And, eventually they miss on general prospects.

Extracting email data and leads from Craigslist can be automatically done by an email parser tool saving you time and money.

Generating leads on Craigslist

From property listings, auto leads, housing to other classified ads that cover other products or services, Craigslist is one way to increase your sales funnel as it attracts countless users every day. As a small or medium business, Craigslist can be a lead source to sell your products and reach to a bigger audience as it is an online classified advertising service.

Receiving new leads on a daily basis is very good for business but what happens when you take long to reply to those sales leads because of the increased number of incoming emails?

Let's take the use case of Jerry who is a real estate agent. Jerry uses Craigslist to post property listings to attract more leads. Once he gets a potential buyer who is interested in a specific property, he has to manually extract the customer information (name, phone number, property ID) and insert those details into his CRM tool.

As much as Craigslist posts convert well, the manual process till the CRM tool takes time and is costly to the business as well.

Extracting leads data from Craigslist automatically

An email parsing tool like Parseur can automatically extract data from any email in no time. The parsed data can either be downloaded, exported to Google Sheets, your CRM tool or any other application via Zapier.

Parseur is a no-code software in which zero parsing rules need to be created. It doesn't matter if you are not a tech person as Parseur is user-friendly and easy to use.

Why should you automate the data extraction process with Parseur?

  1. You don't need to have technical knowledge to use the mail parser tool
  2. Parseur has a secret ingredient; built-in library of templates for different use cases
  3. It will automate your manual process and workflow
  4. You can dedicate more time to building your customer relationships and close more deals!

How to extract leads from Craigslist with Parseur?

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Step 1: Create a Parseur mailbox to receive Craigslist lead emails

If you don't have an account already, sign up below and create a Parseur account.

Once you have created your mailbox, forward the email to your Parseur mailbox. You will receive an email address to do so. The email will arrive in your Parseur mailbox within seconds.

Even if you have many Craigslist listings in different categories, you can create unlimited mailboxes to capture those emails.

You can also create an auto-forwarding rule so that all your leads' email are sent automatically to your Parseur mailbox.

A screen capture of Craiglist email
Example of a sample email from Craigslist

Step 2: Create a template to extract lead data from Craigslist

Parseur is template-based and all you have to do is highlight the important data that needs to be extracted and create data fields for them.

A screen capture of Craiglist template
Highlight the data that needs to be extracted

Once your template is created, the parsed data will look like this:

A screen capture of Craiglist data
Parsed data from Craigslist

Step 3: Download or export the parsed data to any CRM application using Zapier

As mentioned above, you can send those extracted data to your CRM tool. Parseur is integrated with Zoho CRM, Dynamics CRM, HubSpot CRM, Surefire CRM and Realvolve among others.

Zapier is a cloud automation tool that connects two or more apps together.

A screen capture of zapier and crm
Search for your CRM application

Search for your CRM application and click on "create zap" and follow the instructions on your Zapier dashboard to send the data to the CRM application.

From now on, every other email that you send to your Parseur mailbox will be automatically processed and exported to the CRM tool.

As an agent, you have access to one of the most powerful lead generation tools in 2021 and the integration with Parseur will only scale your business!

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