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Parseur is a leading email parsing software for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), as well as large companies. Use Parseur to create a workflow and automate text extraction from emails, attachments and documents and put your business on auto-pilot. Setup is easy as everything is point & click and intuitive. Send parsed data to hundreds of applications in real time via our integrations with Google Sheets, Zapier, Microsoft Flow, Integromat, GetSwift or your custom application using webhooks.

Parseur was founded in 2016 by Sylvestre Dupont and Sylvain Josserand out of a lack of a truly user-friendly email parsing solution. After a couple of proof of concepts, we set to build an innovative mail parsing service that would become Parseur. Parseur's philosophy is to cover a wide range of data extraction scenarios while retaining a simple point and click setup. Today, Parseur goes beyond email parsing as it supports parsing attachments, documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs.

Our data extraction service serves hundreds of businesses throughout the world and reliably extracts data from tens of thousands of documents per day. Companies in real estate, e-commerce, marketing, automotive, logistics & delivery, travel, hospitality and more are saving thousands of work hours every month by automating their data entry process with Parseur. Check out what our happy customers say.

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Parseur key facts

Sylvain Josserand
Sylvestre Dupont
Company Parseur Pte. Ltd.
160 Robinson Road #14-04,
Singapore (068914)
Investors None, Parseur is owned at 100% by its founders
Profitable since June 2017

Parseur timeline

Parseur is continually evolving and improving. Check out the latest product updates.

December 2016 First public release
March 2017 Rich view support in template editor
April 2017 First paying customer
May 2017 Integration with Zapier
June 2017 Parseur is profitable!
August 2017 Integration with GetSwift
September 2017 Email attachments support
November 2017 Table parsing support
January 2018 New Chrome extension to parse web pages
May 2018 Webhooks support
October 2018 Complex table parsing is now point and click
December 2018 Integration with Microsoft Flow
April 2019 Parseur gets a makeover with a brand new website
December 2019 Parseur support website moves to a brand new home

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