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Does DoorDash have a public API?

The answer is no, DoorDash does not have a public API. There is a list of middleware providers (Toast, Square, FocusPOS) that DoorDash is integrated with and you can get your DoorDash orders on your POS system through those only. The API and DoorDash documentation that exist is not public. You need to request access by filling a form, detailing your use case and signing an NDA. It's a long process and you may not get approved.

But, with Parseur by your side, you can easily create a food delivery API for DoorDash via Parseur. Read further to know more about this simple and automated process!

How does DoorDash work?

DoorDash is the largest food ordering and delivery service based in the United States. As of 2021, the company is carrying 800,000 deliveries per day with over 300,000 merchants.

"DoorDash passes Uber in marketing cap, valuating the company at $74.8 billion - The Information, Sept 2021."

According to the Bank of America, DoorDash has an immense opportunity to push the stock up to more than 20% in the non-restaurant delivery business - Business Insider India, Sept 2021.

The process is pretty simple. DoorDash delivery app is available on both Android and iOS. Drivers who work for DoorDash are called dashers and anyone can become a dasher.

As a dasher, you have the option to decide how many hours you will dedicate to delivering food to customers. You can work anytime and anywhere. Check out this article about how to become a DoorDash Driver.

If you are a restaurant owner, you can grow your sales very quickly and easily with DoorDash. Advertising on DoorDash will be seen to thousands of customers. You will even have the merchant portal as a dashboard for you to manage everything with 24/7 support from DoorDash.

Create your own DoorDash API integration with Parseur

Parseur is a powerful no-code document parsing to extract text from emails and PDFs. Parseur is integrated with thousands of applications where you can send your data within seconds.

Parseur has a ready-made template for different food ordering platforms. Check out our list of supported food ordering platforms. Parseur can automatically extract specific data from DoorDash food orders and export those data to a Google spreadsheet, for example.

Parseur is able to extract the specific data below:

  • Customer contact information (name, phone number, delivery address)
  • Order details (number, date)
  • Delivery time
  • Items' details (price, quantity, description)
  • Restaurant details
  • Payment type

Benefits of integrating DoorDash orders with Parseur

With the integration of an email parsing tool like Parseur, you will be able to:

  • Send DoorDash order details to your own point of sale system via Webhook
  • Track DoorDash orders via GetSwift
  • Share the order details with your team via any application

Using Parseur as a tailored and external DoorDash API will save you both time, money and resources. As at date, Parseur is processing around 1 million emails per month which means that you don't have to worry about the increasing volume of orders you may receive.

Fridays and weekends are the peak days for online ordering platforms with more customers ordering their favorite food. Since you will have an automated workflow with Parseur, you can enjoy your weekend without worrying about processing the orders. You don't need to hire an additional staff also to take care of everything leading to zero human errors.

At Parseur, we concluded that on average a user can save around $3282/month.

  • Parseur statistics, June 2021

Steps to create your own API with Parseur

The infographic below summarizes the steps to create the food delivery API with Parseur:

A screen capture of doordash infographic
Infographic : Steps to create DoorDash API with Parseur

Let's elaborate on the steps in more detail.

Step 1: Create your free Parseur account and mailbox

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Parseur is free to start with all the features available.

Once your account is created, you will be prompted to create your Parseur mailbox. Choose the option "food delivery orders" so that your emails are processed automatically.

A screen capture of delivery mailbox
Select mailbox type as food delivery order

Step 2: Forward the DoorDash orders to your Parseur mailbox

It does not matter in which format the food orders are (emails, PDF, HTML, text) as the templates are already customized to extract data from food ordering and delivery platforms. The document will arrive in your mailbox within less than 10 seconds!

::: {.container .alert .alert-warning} Note: We recommend that you forward emails and documents from your original client emails such as Gmail or Yahoo. :::

You can also create an auto-forwarding rule from your email to your Parseur mailbox to automate this process.

A screen capture of doordash order example
Example of a DoorDash order

Step 3: The parsed results will appear automatically

With zero manual intervention, Parseur will extract the data from the DoorDash order automatically.

Parsed data
pickupName The Bold Restaurant
pickupPhone (555) 987-1234
confirmationCode 1234
reference# 12345678-7777777
orderType# Delivery
dateTime Feb 09, 2020, 08:04PM
itemCount 2
items 1 Pitta $9.95
1 Mezze Fries
dropoffDescription Include toppings
subTotal $12.05
tax $0.96
grandTotal $13.01
paymentMode PREPAID
dropoffName Scarlett Johansson
dropoffAddress 400 5th Ave
dropoffCity New York
dropoffState NY
dropoffZip 10018
time 10:05 PM
dropoffPhone 555-123-8888
source DoorDash
confirmationLink link to order on DoorDash

Step 4: Export the extracted data to your POS

As mentioned above in the article, data obtained from DoorDash can be sent to your own point of sale via Webhook. You can export the data to any application of your choice in real time via Zapier as well.

Integrate Parseur in your food business today and get an automated workflow from DoorDash to your POS.

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