How to Proceed with Supply Chain Automation?

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Key takeaways

  • 65% of procurement leaders have no visibility beyond their tier-1 suppliers.
  • Supply chain automation helps organizations become more cost-effective.
  • Automating supply chain processes with Parseur eliminates manual data entry.

Hello Supply chain manager! You found us. Did you miss Oppenheimer and Barbie last week because you had to complete inventory counts manually?

Very sad, we feel you! But, have no fear when Parseur is here. We will ensure that from now on, your Friday evenings are spent in the right way. Keep reading to learn how!

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Processing supply chain documents manually

Critical elements of supply chain management

Supply chain management (SCM) ensures a smooth flow of goods and services from production to distribution. Supply chain management is critical to any business's operations, as it helps improve customer service and reduce costs.

The SCM process involves 5 main steps that ensure the seamless operation of the business.

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The supply chain process

However, manual processes cause more inefficiencies, which result in supply chain disruptions.

Manual processes create gaps within supply chains

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45% of order fulfillment operations are still handled manually.

Tom Kieley, CEO at SourceDay claims that the high rate of manual processes within supply chain management is still a large part of the problem.

Lack of visibility on the supply chain process

When operations are conducted manually, it’s difficult to have a global and clear view of the process. Valuable data is found in hidden documents and is often unstructured. Not gaining access to this data impacts the decision-making process.

65% of procurement leaders have no visibility beyond their tier-1 suppliers.

Collaboration between supply chain participants does not go smoothly

Manual operations make it difficult for supply chain stakeholders to collaborate or share data. For a process to work, it is important that everyone involved is able to interact.

Poor data quality is costly

Manual data entry puts companies at risk of errors that can cost millions to recover. Outdated or missing information leads to inefficiencies in operations and logistics.

With the ever-changing demands of customers, supply chain automation is the way to go

Supply chain automation is all about streamlining supply chain processes with the use of technology. It’s about automating those grueling hours spent manually sorting delivery notes.

Supply chain automation goes beyond automating repetitive tasks; with AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning integrated, an IDP (intelligent document processing) tool can do more than that.

By automating supply chain processes, companies can achieve greater efficiency and deliver products faster. Warehouse automation increases agility in supply chain management.

Example of supply chain automation

From office tasks to transportation, automation plays a big role in ensuring that supply chains remain resilient.

  • Bill of lading
  • Delivery notes
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Manufacturing and maintenance

As your company grows and you have more SKUs to manage, the need for automation is inevitable. This is where Parseur comes in.

Parseur doesn’t have time for errors. It is too busy automating your manual processes

Parseur is a PDF parser and AI OCR built to help people who do not have technical skills. Don’t be afraid of the technical jargon!

In simple words, Parseur will automate data extraction from your PDFs and send it to your supply chain management tool. It is here to take your time-consuming tasks away from you!

How does Parseur save the day?

Glad you asked! Firstly, Parseur has a free plan, so you can test it right now and see if it’s a good fit for your use case.

Secondly, Parseur offers built-in templates that automate data extraction from different types of documents. This includes the extraction of data from order confirmations, rate or dispatch confirmations, BoLs and delivery orders.

But wait, there's more! Parseur not only extracts data but also structures it into readable formats that can be exported directly to your business applications, databases, or spreadsheets. Yes! Parseur is your new best friend.

To top it all off, like additional cheese on pizza - the PDF parsing tool has a high level of accuracy when it comes to processing documents. And, just like that, the stress of double-checking disappears, like half of the universe vanishing with Thanos’s snap.

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How to automate supply chain management?

Create a “Delivery Notes” mailbox and upload one of your documents to that mailbox. Parseur can process documents in any format such as PDFs, and emails, among others.

We’ll take the example of a BOL as a use case.

Create a bill of lading mailbox in Parseur

Example of a bill of lading mailbox in Parseur

Parseur uses AI and will assist you in creating a template.

Example of a bill of lading template in Parseur

Example of a bill of lading template in Parseur

parsed results of bol template

Example of data extracted from the bill of lading document using Parseur

Send the bill of lading data to any tools such as Quickbooks

Parseur allows you to create an automated workflow so that data can be seamlessly integrated into other applications.

Zapier, Make and Power Automate are also our friends!

Since Parseur took care of your tedious tasks, all that’s left to do is hit Gin O’Clock!

Digital transformation is not going anywhere and, businesses that do not embrace new technology trends will not be cost-effective in the long run.

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Supply chain automation done right

AI-based data extraction software. Start using Parseur today.

Automate text extraction from emails, PDFs, and spreadsheets.
Save hundreds of hours of manual work.
Embrace work automation with AI.

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