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Whether you are managing properties on Airbnb or another booking platform, it is very time-consuming to manually manage incoming requests from customers. It can take a lot of time to organize emails and sort out only important details (booking requests, confirmation emails, or inquiries) so that you can send those back to your team or contact customers personally.

With an email parsing tool, not only will you save countless hours but it will automate your booking workflow. Parseur is a powerful parsing engine that automates data extraction from emails and documents. With its unique features such as unlimited templates, Parseur can automatically extract data from Airbnb bookings and export them to any applications of your choice using Zapier.

We had a little chat with one of our happy customers, Boris Mordkovich who is the founder of BuildYourBNB about his experience using Parseur.

6 questions to Boris Mordkovich, founder of BuildYourBNB

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what is BuildYourBNB?

BuildYourBNB is a management and consulting company for short-term real estate rentals. We manage properties across the country that host over 10,000 guests per year.

Why do you need an email parser for BuildYouBNB? What are the processes that you have automated with Parseur?

Since we work with multiple properties across many different accounts and platforms, such as Airbnb, VRBO, and, keeping track of things was challenging. It would require logging into various accounts constantly, trying to manually pull data and organize it in a spreadsheet, among other tasks. We turned to Parseur to begin automating and streamlining how the data flows among our properties.

For example, we are able to pull review feedback from our guests who stay at different properties and push it into a separate channel on Slack, so our team has a streaming, real-time source for customer feedback. It allows us to catch problems faster and respond to them more effectively.

A screen capture of airbnb template
Parseur template to extract data from Airbnb review emails

We also use Parseur to parse all of our financial emails, so we can track payout data from various channels and then funnel it into Airtable where we can organize it in a way that makes it easier to oversee our finances.

A screen capture of airbnb payout emails
Parseur template to extract financial information from Airbnb payout emails

We'll be expanding the data extraction process to much more than that over the coming months as well.

What applications are you using to integrate Parseur with?

Mainly, we use Zapier to connect it with Airtable and Slack.

You mentioned before about using the Zapier Email Parser. Could you please tell us why you choose Parseur instead?

We tested both extensively. We found that Parseur does a better job with rich text/HTML emails and generally has a higher accuracy rate. Zapier Email Parser is free, but the accuracy was never 100% and it would have regular inconsistencies.

What are the benefits of using Parseur for BuildYourBNB?

It gives us an opportunity to be in control of the data. Instead of stressing out over organizing information from different sources and wasting time doing data entry manually, we can now invest an hour into setting up the process, and then it's done. It just works. Moreover, it's a much more scalable approach. As we add employees and team members, we don't have to train every person how to manually extract data, but rather we can let them focus on analyzing it and taking actions based on that.

In a nutshell, can you share with us your overall experience with Parseur?

We love it. In fact, it's been working so well that we're going to expand it to other businesses of ours - Transparent Home Buyers and EVELO. Every online business can benefit from automating mundane and repetitive tasks and Parseur will be a key tool in our arsenal moving forward.

Big thanks to Boris for his interview on Parseur! If you want to share your journey with Parseur, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to feature your story.

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