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Are you a staffing and temp agency, shift-based company, or a consultancy firm in recruitment where you supply candidates to various industries? You are likely to be receiving hundreds of staffing requests on a daily basis from businesses requiring on-demand talent. The most common sectors where the gig economy workers are needed are:

  • Hospital and medical services
  • Accountancy and Banking
  • Administration
  • Food and beverages

Why automate your staffing requests with Parseur

Let's say you receive hundreds of requests for temporary shifts in your agency. You need to categorize them according to candidates' availability as well as their skill sets. Then, you can assign shifts and schedule candidates.

You have to handle these demands efficiently to be able to place candidates on a temporary or contract basis every day. As a consultant, it can take hours to sort out your emails and match candidates with your clients' requirements. You may need to track applications manually which is time-intensive, error-prone and costly to the overall candidate sourcing process.

This process is done manually and takes time, unless you have an email parsing tool to automate this workflow.

Let's not forget that your client will be expecting regular communication with regards to the recruitment process. In recruitment, customer relationships and the experience they have of your service is essential.

Automating the recruitment process of staffing agencies

Parseur to the rescue!

As a powerful parsing tool, Parseur will automate data extraction from your staffing requests received by emails or as PDFs. Parseur is a visual template-based parsing tool, which means that it requires no coding or technical knowledge.

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All you have to do is forward staffing requests to your Parseur mailbox and teach Parseur the specific data that needs to be extracted. Everything is Point & Click, Parseur doesn't require creating any parsing rules for the data extraction process. So, even if you are not technology savvy, you can still count on Parseur!

A screen capture of staffing template
Example of a staffing request template

Once you highlighted each piece of text you want to extract, a template will be created.

From now on, every similar email or document that you forward to this mailbox will be processed automatically and its data extracted. This is the machine learning behind Parseur.

Automatically send requests to your staffing application

Parsed data can be downloaded or sent in real time to the staffing application of your choice such as Realday, your own tracking solution, or any other HR software using Zapier such as BambooHR, Workable or BreezyHR among others.

All of these platforms all have their own unique attributes and offer different added value. Realday for example offers a solution that simplifies multiple repetitive tasks (such as compliance, scheduling, pay and bill) that frees up time for you to focus on client and candidate relationships. The team have created a solution that saves admin, decreases the time-to-fill, creates cost savings and as such increases revenue.

Having a document parsing tool at hand can help you automate repetitive tasks without human intervention. With automation technologies such as Parseur, you can have a workflow system set up for your recruitment process.

Managing incoming staffing requests daily can be a real challenge and increase your business costs as you have to monitor on a daily basis. The aim of Parseur is to help reduce your manual tasks in no time and create a workflow management system for your HR application.

Your solution is a million miles ahead of everyone else.

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