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We had a small chat with one of our happy customers, Piet Deprez, who is the founder of Emonkey, about his experience using Parseur. Emonkey provides seamless API integrations with accounting systems.

Piet receives many files from his clients via email from various platforms which he needs to extract and export to Make.

With Parseur, Piet uses custom templates for data extraction and creates an automated workflow between Parseur and Make.

7 questions for Piet Deprez, founder of Emonkey

Can you introduce yourself and your company? What industry are you in and what do you do?

Emonkey is a Scandinavian company with a focus on automation in the accounting industry.

Why do you use Parseur at Emonkey? What processes did you automate?

We use Parseur mainly to receive flat files from our customers to process further via our OEM iPaaS platform ["integration Platform as a Service] based on Make.com.

How did you do things before Parseur?

We needed to receive flat files by mail and have the ability to work with webhooks. We used Gmail with aliases before, but this did not allow for webhooks, and it was not ideal for our use cases.

Do you integrate Parseur with other automation platforms?

We mainly use Make as an automation platform.

Could you estimate how much time Parseur saves you compared to how you did things before?

Parseur saves a lot of time in the ease of setting up new mailboxes, configuring templates, and automation towards Make.com. The fact that historical documents can be reprocessed is very convenient while setting up and testing automations or as a backup if something goes wrong.

What do you like best about Parseur?

We have used Parseur for several years now. Of all SaaS applications we use, and that is a lot, Parseur is one of the few without any downtime. Combined with excellent support, I can only recommend Parseur from A to Z.

If you had a magic wand that could improve anything in Parseur today, what would you use it for?

We are happy with the features as they are today. We want to explore more possibilities with new OCR features.

A big thanks to Piet for his interview on Parseur! If you want to share your journey with Parseur, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to feature your story.

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