Easy-to-use Point & Click template editor

Parseur is a powerful template-based data extraction platform. Showing Parseur what data to extract is as easy as highlighting the text blocks you want from a sample document. From then on, Parseur will extract the data from every similar document.

Wait. What is a template?

A parsing template is a visual representation of your document where you highlight data that needs to be extracted. Templates are easier to set up and maintain compared to using parsing rules like in other data extraction products.

Parsing documents with different layouts? No problem.

Very often, you must extract data from similar documents from various sources, each with a different layout. Parseur solves this simply and elegantly with multi-templates and auto-layout detection.

Multi-templates by default

Create as many templates as you need in your mailbox, one per layout. There is no need to create separate mailboxes for documents with different layouts and complex routing rules to send the right document to the right mailbox.

Automatic layout detection

When there are more than one template in a mailbox, Parseur will automatically pick the right one whenever a new document comes in. There is no need to set up anything to tell Parseur how to pick the correct layout; it will do it automatically.

Zero templates anyone?

Parseur has a built-in library of managed templates for specific industries. We call it zero-template parsing. Just send us your documents, and if we have a matching template, they will be processed automatically.

Supported industries include:

Real estate

Extract contact details from leads from major real estate providers around the world, including Zillow, StreetEasy, and Apartments.com.

Food ordering

Parse email or PDF orders from most food ordering platforms, including Doordash, Grubhub, Toast, and Slice.

Google Alerts

Monitor your Google Alerts closely by exporting them to Google Sheets or any other application instantly and automatically.

Job applications

Extract data from email applications from LinkedIn or Indeed.

Hotels and short-stay bookings

Parse booking confirmations from Airbnb, VRBO, and more.

Zonal and Dynamic OCR for Ultimate Data Extraction

Parseur's advanced OCR capabilities combined with the power of Zonal and Dynamic OCR make it the best tool to automate data extraction from documents.

Zonal OCR

With Zonal OCR, extract text from fields that are at a fixed position on every similar document.

Dynamic OCR

With Dynamic OCR, easily extract text from fields that move horizontally, vertically or change size from one document to the next.

Best-in-class OCR software

Parseur's OCR accuracy is the best on the market. It supports most languages, including handwritten and is blazingly fast.

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