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All-in-one document processing software

Extract data from emails, PDFs, spreadsheets, web pages and more!


Compatible with all email providers and all email formats including Text emails, Rich Text emails (HTML) and Multipart MIME emails.


Works seamlessly with both text-based and images-based PDFs thanks to our powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine.

CSV, Excel, Spreadsheets

Send spreadsheets in your favorite format and they will automatically be parsed, extracted and consolidated.

Email attachments

Safely retrieve and parse email attachments as well, including zipped attachments.

Other documents

Supports most document formats including .txt, .html, .rtf, .doc, .docx and .xml.

Web pages

Download and parse a web page from a URL in a document.

Via Zapier

Send documents in Text or HTML format from any Zapier-connected app to Parseur.

Via Power Automate

Send documents from any Microsoft Power Automate connected app (including Microsoft Exchange and Outlook) to Parseur.

Via Make (formerly Integromat)

Send content from any Make-connected app to Parseur.

Via direct upload

Manually upload documents straight in the app.

Via our API

Send documents in Text, HTML or binary format via our API.
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State-of-the-art parsing tool

Extract any kind of data from your documents. Transform your data from multiple sources into a consolidated dataset in no time.

The data you want

Reliably extract data from your documents that you can reuse in other applications as part of your data entry automation workflow.

As easy as Point & Click

Teach Parseur what to extract by pointing and clicking the data you want in a sample document. Parseur will then extract that data from all similar documents.

Zonal OCR and Dynamic OCR

Using our powerful OCR engine, visually select data zones to capture. Dynamically position those zones relative to text labels and Parseur will find the right data even if it moves vertically or horizontally.

Automatic layout detection

Have documents from different sources with various layouts? Create a template for each and Parseur will automatically pick the right template every time.

Built-in library of templates

Use our built-in library of templates to automatically parse documents such as Food orders, Real Estate leads, Job Applications, Google Alerts.

Tables and repetitive structures

Extract data from tables and other repetitive blocks of text in just a few clicks. Great to extract individual items from an online order for example.

Document metadata

Extract additional metadata such as full content, date and time received, subject, filename, recipient's email address, sender's email address.

Data normalization

Data in documents comes is all kinds of shapes. Normalize parsed data from various sources like numbers, dates, names and addresses into a consistent format.

Advanced post processing Pro plan

Write post processing code to perform advanced manipulations of your parsed data.
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Your data where you need it, instantly

Export your parsed data automatically and in real-time to thousands of applications and automate your business.

To Google Sheets

See your data updated automatically in a Google Sheet spreadsheet. This is simplest integration to quickly get access to your parsed data.

To Zapier

Zapier interconnects thousands of applications together. Send your parsed data in real-time to any applications with Zapier.

To Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate allows deep integrations with the Microsoft ecosystem. Send your extracted data in real-time to Power Automate.

To Make

With Make (formerly Integromat), create complex multi-step automation workflows in a few clicks. Send data processed by Parseur to Make in real-time.

Using webhooks

Webhooks are the standard for exchanging real-time information between applications. Send data extracted from your documents to your own applications using webhooks.

To GetSwift

Getswift is a software that streamlines delivery business. Automatically create a new delivery job in GetSwift every time an document is processed.


Manually download your data directly from the app at any time in Excel, CSV or JSON.

And so many more!

Parseur can virtually send data to any application, instantly. Check out our integrations page to learn more about all Parseur export strategies.
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Full control on your data

Parseur will process the data how you instruct it to. You own your data and remain in control on how it should be handled.

Anywhere, anytime

Parseur is cloud-based and works in your web browser. Access your data from anywhere, at any time. No download or installation required.

Transparent workflow

Enjoy total control over the workflow. Track the progress of each document's processing. Update a template and re-run parsing in a click.


Get a notification by email or via a webhook when a document fails to parse or when you reach your monthly quota.

Custom data retention policy

Set a retention policy to automatically delete documents from Parseur's servers after a set number of days.

Logs and Auditing

Access detailed logs for every step of the parsing process for each document. Use advanced search and filter to find quickly find a document.

Control via our API

Manage your mailboxes, templates, documents and account via our API.


Parseur is built for heavy-duty use. Our data processing pipeline can process thousands of documents per minute and send data almost instantly.


Parseur uses best-in-class security practices to keep user data secure: stringent access control, SSL encryption, 24/7 monitoring.

Data hosted in the EU EU flag

Our servers are located in the European Union in a high-security facility with redundant uninterruptible power sources and high-speed network connectivity.

Privacy focused

We are always careful about handling your data and are fully compliant with the European Global Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR).
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