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Automate your business workflow for a wide range of data extraction scenarios using Parseur comprehensive set of features.


Any kind of documents


Compatible with all email providers and all email formats including Text emails, Rich Text emails and Multipart MIME emails.


Supports most documents including .txt, .html, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .docm, .pages and text-based .pdf (read more).


Safely store your attachments and upload them with your favorite applications (read more).

CSV, Excel, Spreadsheets

Send CSV, Excel and other spreadsheet attachments. They will automatically be parsed, extracted and consolidated (read more).

Web Pages

Send web pages either by using our Chrome Extension or downloading a page from a URL.

Via Zapier

Send documents in Text or HTML format from any Zapier connected app to Parseur.

Via Microsoft Flow

Send documents from any Flow-connected app (including Microsoft Exchange and Outlook) to Parseur.

Via our API

Send documents in Text or HTML via our API (read more).

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Easy-to-use and powerful

The data you want

Reliably extract any data from your documents that you can reuse in other applications as part of your data entry automation workflow.

Point & Click

Create a template simply by pointing and clicking the data you want to capture in a sample document. Parseur will then extract that data from any similar email.

Automatically handle different layouts

If you receive documents in various formats or layouts, just create a template for each variation. Parseur will automatically pick the right template every time.


Extract additional metadata such as subject, text content, HTML content, recipient email address, sender email address, reception date and time (read more).

Tables and repetitive structures

Extract data from tables and other repetitive blocks of text in just a few clicks (read more).

Post Processing and data normalization

Normalize your parsed data like numbers, dates, names and addresses into a consistent format (read more).

Built-in library of templates

Use our built-in library of templates to automatically parse emails from services in Food Delivery, Real Estate, Job Applications, Google Alerts, Ride Sharing and more.

Any alphabet and character encoding

Extract data from documents in any alphabets including Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and Thai.

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Your data where you need it


Download your data directly from the app at any time in Excel, CSV or JSON.

Google Sheets

See your data updated automatically in a Google Sheet Spreadsheet.


Send your parsed data in real time to hundreds of supported applications via Zapier.

Microsoft Flow

Send your parsed data in real time to Microsoft applications and hundreds of other third party apps via Microsoft Flow.


Connect Parseur to Integromat, use advanced features to post-process your data and send to hundreds of applications.


Send data in real time to your custom application or server using HTTP Webhooks (read more).


GetSwift is a software that streamlines delivery business. Automatically create a new delivery job in GetSwift every time an email is processed.

Custom integrations

Custom integration is possible as part of our Enterprise Plan. Contact us today to enquire about this service.

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Stay in the driving seat

Anywhere, anytime

Parseur is 100% cloud based and works in your web browser. Access your data at any time from anywhere. No download or installation required.

Intuitive workflow

Keep a total control of what is happening. Track the progress of each document's processing. Update templates and re-run parsing in a click.

Logs and Auditing

Access detailed logs of every step of the parsing process for each document.

Custom Retention Policy

Automatically delete documents from Parseur servers after a set number of days.


Get a notification by email or via a webhook when a document failed to parse and when your reached your monthly quota.

Via our API

Manage your mailboxes, templates, documents and account via our API.


Built for heavy-duty use. Our data processing pipeline can process thousands of email per minute and send data almost instantly.


Parseur uses best in class security practices to keep user data secure: stringent access control, SSL encryption, 24/7 monitoring.

Hosted in EU

Our servers are located in European Union in a high-security facility with redundant uninterruptible power sources and reliable, high-speed network connectivity.

Privacy focused

We are very careful about handling your data and are fully compliant European Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more.

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