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With Parseur, you can easily export web forms inquiries received by email (e.g. from Contact Form for WordPress) into any database or application like Excel or Google Sheets.

Why export data from web forms?

There are many situations where you need to export web form data from your website to a database. Most of the time, you would receive web form data by email and need to find a way to parse the emails and extract data.

Most common use cases are:

  • Export web forms to Excel: your form on your website has gotten quite some traction and you need to sort out the data in Excel or Google Sheets
  • Send data from Contact Form for WordPress to a database: you're using Contact Form 7 plugin on your WordPress website that sends you an email for every submission. You want the form data in a database like MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server
  • Export contact form to Google Sheets: your visitors can contact you via a form on your website and you would like to track your messages in Google Sheets to make sure you don't miss any request
  • Track online sign ups to an event: visitor can register online to your event (conference, seminar, classroom, concert) and you want to track all registration in a spreadsheet to easily contact them as the date of your event gets close.
  • Send website leads to your CRM application: visitors interested in your product or service can leave their contact details on your website so that you can get in touch with them. You want to have those leads directly fed into your CRM (HubSpot, Highrise, Salesforce etc.)
  • Send support requests to your ticketing tool: you have a form on your website so that your users can use if they need help. You want to send those support requests to a tool like Zendesk, Intercom, Github or Trello
  • Easily integrate your form during prototyping phase: you are prototyping a website where users can fill their data in a form and the data will be sent to another application. While in the prototyping phase you're looking for a quick and easy way to send data from your form to your existing application.

Manual data entry is not a solution

The obvious solution is to send yourself an email every time somebody submits a request through your form. That's what Contact Form 7 offers by default for example. And then, you would manually do data entry, copying and pasting the data. That's very fair when the volume of requests remains low and is non-critical.

But when your volume picks up, you'll find yourself spending way more time than you'd like doing manual data entry. Who dreams of copying and pasting form data to a spreadsheet for hours? Nobody. On top of that, you can mistakenly introduce errors or miss emails.

Manual data entry is bad. Let's automate this!

Extract web form data automatically with Parseur

This is where Parseur can help. Parseur is an email parser service that extracts and exports information from emails to any application. Our customers are using Parseur to automatically export web forms data and send it to their favorite application.

Parseur works out of emails. So the first step is to make sure that every form submission on your website is sending an email that contains the data in the body of the message. Parseur does not require any specific email structure, it adapts to any format.

Example: let's say you are a Movie Star Concierge Service based out of Los Angeles. You have a website where movie stars send you requests.

A screen capture of request
Example of a typical request Movie Star Concierge Services receives

Every time a user submits a request, you receive an email:

A screen capture of bill murray email
This is the email Movie Star Concierge Service gets for every request

You want to manage those requests in Google Sheets. So you decide to give Parseur a try.

First, you create an account on Parseur and that will get you started on our free plan.

Then, you create a new mailbox, send a sample email and point & click the data you are interested in. While creating your first mailbox, you will be guided through every step thanks to our interactive tutorial. For more information, we have also written an extensive article on how to set up your first Parseur mailbox.

Once completed, you should get a template similar to the one below:

A screen capture of request template
This is the template you created in Parseur

Now, for every email you send, Parseur will automatically extract the information you highlighted!

A screen capture of request documents
All requests have been processed automatically in Parseur

Example of parsed data from Mr. Murray's request:


Parsed data | | ----------------------- | ---------------------------------------- | | Name | Bill Murray | | Email | [email protected] | | Request | I need help | | Message | I've lost a groundhog. Have you seen it? | | Received | 2017-05-31T15:46:27.150101+00:00 |

Export your form data to any application or database

The last step is to decide where you want to export web forms to.

You have several options:

  1. Download the data and open it in Excel
  2. Download the data as CSV and manually feed it to the application of your choice
  3. Automatically export your data in Google Sheet : the spreadsheet will be automatically updated every time a new email is processed, you won't have to do anything!
  4. Automatically export your data in real time to the application of your choice like Insightly, HubSpot, Highrise and hundreds more using our Zapier integration
  5. Export your form data to your custom application through a HTTP webhook

That's it ! You are now able to automatically process your web form requests and export data where you need it to be!

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