September 2017: ready-made email parsers nad more

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It's that time of the month again where we look back at the new features and improvements to Parseur. The big news this month is a feature that makes extracting data that much easier: ready-made email parsers!

Let's dive in!

July 2017 Update

New: ready-made email parsers

Parseur ultimate goal is to be the most user-friendly parser on the market. We want any business to be able to transform incoming documents into easy-to-handle data. Our innovative technology allows any business owner or staff without any IT skill to just set up an email parser simply by pointing and clicking the targeted data. Long gone are the days when you had to set up complex rules and play with regular expressions to extract data from emails.

At Parseur, we thought we could even go one step further and dispense you from even doing any pointing & clicking. We're happy to announce the new ready-made email parser where the only action you need to do is forward emails!

To take advantage of our ready-made email parsers:

  1. Create a new mailbox
  2. Forward an email to your mailbox
  3. If it's an email from a supported platform, we'll automatically identify it and parse it for you!

Email parsing has never been that easy.

We currently support the following ready-made email parsers:

  • Delivery email parser supporting platforms such as Grubhub, Seamless, East24, JustEat, Chownow, Wix Restaurant, Restaurant Login, Tap'n'Eat, Clorder, EatStreet and dozens more. This parser works with our latest GetSwift integration so that the only thing you should care about is sending emails and see them appear in your GetSwift dashboard (Note that you also need to set your GetSwift API key and time zone for everything to work properly).
  • Real Estate email parser supporting platforms such as Zillow, Trulia, Listing to Leads, Premier Agent, PadMapper, Hotpads and many more.
  • Job Application email parser supporting platforms such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Zip Recruiter and more.

These parsers are evolving and improving on a daily basis. The good news is that once your parser has been tagged as "ready-made", you'll be able to automatically enjoy support for new platforms as we add more templates.

We'll also be working on expanding to more industries and support new types of ready-made parsers. If you have a specific industry you'd like us to support, reach out to us!

New: Duplicate Parser, Document, Template

You can now copy a mailbox, a template or a document.

To copy a mailbox, go to the mailbox's settings and click on Duplicate Mailbox

Duplicating a mailbox will create a copy including the templates (but not the documents)

Duplicating a mailbox will create a copy including the templates (but not the documents)

To copy a document or a template, use the copy button in the document or template list action bar. You can even copy a document or template to another of your mailboxes.

Use the copy action button (highlighted in red) to create a copy of a document or a template

Use the copy action button (highlighted in red) to create a copy of a document or a template

New: Download a web page linked from an email

Sometimes the real data you need is not in the email itself but on a web page linked from the email. You can now ask Parseur to go download a web page and extract data from it. All you have to do is create a template for the email containing the link and then to create a template for that linked web page and Parseur will extract data from it in the usual way.

To learn more about how to use this feature, have a look at the following article: How to parse a web page from a link in an email.

New: Parseur available in Zapier's Zapbook

Parseur is now officially in public beta with Zapier. You don't need to use the invitation link anymore, just select Parseur from the list of available apps when creating a Zap.

Parseur page on Zapier

Parseur page on Zapier

Other improvements and fixes

  • Better GetSwift integration: we continue to improve our integration with GetSwift. We now support most of the fields GetSwift accepts. We will also send you a notification via email when GetSwift could not create a delivery job based on the provided data and list the reason why.
  • Better result output including new lines: we now include new lines from the original email in the parsed result which makes output nicer to read, especially for long blobs of text.
  • Improved Home Page: parser cards on the home page now have direct access to all sections of the parser.
  • Copy to clipboard email address: there is now a button on the parser Dashboard page to copy the parser email address to the clipboard.
  • In-app action notifications: most actions in Parseur are now confirmed with a small notification popping at the bottom of the screen, improving user feedback and increasing overall usability.
  • Improved browsing on mobile devices: although Parseur is primarily meant to be used on a desktop or laptop computer, it is often useful to check the status of your parser on the go. This is why we want Parseur to look awesome too on mobile devices. We made some more tweaks this month to get you the best experience and navigation even on smaller screens.

That's all for this month. As you can see, quite a lot is going on... and even more is underway! Stay tuned! :-)

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