What is a resume parser?

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Imagine yourself sitting at your desk while a mountain of resumes that is as tall as Mount Everest surrounds you. You start to wonder if you're an HR professional or a professional mountaineer. Sounds familiar? Well, you're not alone in this resume jungle!

Luckily, resume parsers are available to lighten your shoulders.

The evolution of hiring

Let's time travel through the evolution of hiring.

  • The stone age: our ancestors looking at candidate qualifications on stone tablets
  • The paper era: towers of resumes threatening to bury the HR department alive
  • The digital era: "You've got mail!" suddenly becomes a phrase of dread for HR professionals
  • The AI revolution: where resume parsing becomes as easy as binge-watching your favorite series

A screen capture of ai evolution
AI evolution

What's a resume parser?

A resume parser is an AI parsing software that automates data extraction from resumes and exports the data to an HR tool. Resume parsers play an important role in automating the recruitment process and saving HR professionals countless hours of manual data entry.

Benefits of integrating a resume parser in the recruitment process

A resume parsing tool is like your hiring lifesaver. Let's take a look at how resume parsers can alleviate stress for HR professionals.


It allows candidates' data to be processed faster and more efficiently. Resumes come in different formats and contain various types of information which takes time to analyze. A resume parser gives back time to recruiters to focus on more crucial tasks.

High level of accuracy

Even the best HR professionals can miss important details while going through a pile of resumes. An AI tool won't miss anything and you can sleep soundly knowing that resume data is being processed accurately.

Promotes transparency

A resume parser won't differentiate between race, color, religion or location promoting fairness and transparency in selecting the best applicants.

Resume parsers might be a new thing for you but trust me, when I say that it's going to change your professional life.

Difference between rule-based resume parsers and AI resume parsers

Rule-based resume parsing is the traditional method that depends on predefined rules and patterns to extract data. They have limited flexibility in terms of adaptation to new layouts and resume formats.

Resume parsing with AI is different as the AI learns from the patterns which makes it more easily adaptable. Since AI continuously learns from the data it processes, it offers a higher level of accuracy.

It's important to choose the right resume parser that will be suitable for your requirements and business. For example, some resume parsers can parse large volumes of data while others cannot.

Parseur: The best resume parser in 2024

Parseur is an AI data extraction tool that extracts candidates' details from resumes automatically and, export that data to an HR database for better efficiency.

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How does a resume parser work?

The AI resume parsing tool works in simple steps:

  • Create a resume parser for free
  • Upload or drag and drop a resume to your Parseur mailbox
  • Our AI engine will process the resume instantly. You also have the option to teach the AI tool which specific data to extract and which ones to ignore.

What data can Parseur extract from resumes?

As you can see from the GIF below, all the data found on the resume has been processed.

Even if the candidate has several work experiences, it will be parsed in detail.

A screen capture of resume data
This is how the CV data will appear with the AI

We have outlined the steps of extracting data from resumes in this article.

Compare the best resume parser in 2024

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Review by Ken swanson

Embrace a new era of hiring with Parseur. It's like switching from a bicycle to a rocket---faster smoother, and way more fun. Ready to transform your hiring story? Give Parseur a whirl and watch as your 'once upon a time' becomes an 'ever after' of efficiency and ease!

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