Zapier 2022 Revenue, Key Facts and Statistics

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Zapier is a platform that enables you to automate tasks between the web apps you use. With the help of Zapier's automation tools, users can integrate more than 4000 applications together using triggers and actions. These integrations create automatic workflows & personalize your experience without worrying about any code. This means less time spent on repetitive tasks & more time getting things done.

Zapier is also a tremendous success story as a company, pioneering remote work and championing no-code and business automation.

From revenue to the number of employees, here's a breakdown of everything you'll find out about Zapier on this page:

  • Key Zapier statistics
  • How did Zapier start?
  • Zapier funding history
  • Zapier's revenue as at 2022
  • Where is Zapier located?
  • How many people work at Zapier?
  • How to get started with Zapier?
  • Security and compliance policies at Zapier
  • Zapier's Competitors
  • Frequently asked questions about Zapier

Key Zapier statistics

  • Zapier has 600,000 users
  • More than 22 Million zaps are created through Zapier
  • Zapier has a funding of $1.4M from 9 investors
  • The total revenue of Zapier to date is $140M
  • Zapier has a valuation of $5 Billion
  • Zapier has 500 employees in 38 countries
  • Zapier is integrated with 4000 applications

Key Zapier takeaways

Where and how did Zapier start?

Zapier was founded in 2011 in Columbia, Missouri. But Zapier's story began much earlier at a startup event in Columbia by 3 tech enthusiasts: Wade Foster, Bryan Helmig, and Mike Knoop. At that time, it was a side project and a prototype.

The team's business idea was initially rejected by Y Combinator. They didn't give up, however, and pushed even harder to get the prototype up and running. As the one handling all the marketing and sales aspects, Wade started onboarding the first users for the beta testing.

"And, in just 3 years they went from zero to 600,000 users."

A screen capture of zapier users
Number of users at Zapier

How much is Zapier worth today?

After their product skyrocketed, the co-founders raised a seed funding of $1.4M over 3 rounds. As of 2021, the company has attracted 9 investors namely:

  1. Steadfast Capital Management
  2. Sequoia Capital
  3. Bessemer Venture Partners
  4. Zillionize
  5. SV Angel
  6. Threshold
  7. Y Combinator
  8. Kevin Hale
  9. Mike Stachowiak (Co-founder of MyVR)

Steadfast Capital Management and Sequoia Capital are the new investors in the company. Last year, they raised the valuation of Zapier to $5 Billion.

Zapier revenue for 2022

As of today, Zapier's revenue is $140M.

A screen capture of zapier revenue
Total revenue of Zapier in 2022

Where is Zapier located?

Zapier is a fully remote company with its headquarters based in San Francisco. The company employs 500 employees and the remote team is spread over 38 countries.

A screen capture of zapier locations
Zapier is located in 38 countries

How is it to work at Zapier?

The organization is well-known for its comfortable working environment with 97 percent of employees recommending it. Employees awarded the organization a 4.8/5 rating on Glassdoor. Zapier provides the following benefits:

  • Remote working
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Work-life balance
  • Professional development allowance
  • And, so much more!

You can also become a Zapier expert and certified by joining one of their expert programs.

Zapier: The best no-code tool in 2022

Zapier helps to automate workflows between two or more applications. 4000 apps are now connected and integrated with the web-based infrastructure.

Their most recent integration is with TADA enabling customers to send data from campaigns to any other applications via Zapier.

According to a recent report published by Zapier in March 2022, 90% of no-code users have experienced high growth in their company due to no-code usage.

How does Zapier work?

The tool is free to use with its free plan where you can implement 100 tasks per month and 5 zaps. The paid plan starts at $19.99 for a beginner to $599 for a big company.

The most common features are:

  • Multistep chains
  • Scheduling zaps anytime
  • Seamless integration with 4000+ applications including Parseur

There are 3 components to remember here in the Zapier editor:

  • Zapier tasks: A task is referred to as an action that the zap completes.
  • Zapier triggers: An event that starts the zap.
  • Zapier zaps: A zap combines the trigger step and the action step or steps.

We've summarized the Zapier process in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the apps which you want to connect

A screen capture of zapier apps
Connect the apps via Zapier

  • Step 2: Set up your zap

It depends on the type of workflows you want to set up. In the example below, we are sending extracted data from Google alerts to a Google sheet.

A screen capture of zapier setup
Set up the zap

  • Step 3: Turn your zap on

Once you've mapped the fields, you can send a test zap to check the automated workflow. If successful, you can turn the zap on.

A screen capture of zap
Turn the Zap on

If you want to learn more about integrating Parseur with Zapier, head over to this article.

Security policies at Zapier

Is Zapier safe to use? This is a typical question that comes up all the time.

The answer is yes. Zapier takes the security of your data extremely seriously. All your connections are encrypted with SSL and they have a team working 24/7 to regularly verify in case of any data breach.

  • Where does Zapier store its data?

Data is stored in AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers in the US. The API request data is deleted from its servers after 7 days.

  • Does Zapier offer two-factor authentication?

Yes, it offers 2FA and SAML integration.

  • Is Zapier GDPR compliant?

Yes, this article will answer all your questions about how the no-code tool processes data securely in accordance with GDPR.

  • Where can I find the privacy policy at Zapier?

You can read all about the policy, security, and compliance policies here.

Who are the competitors of Zapier in 2022?

As much as Zapier remains the favorite automation software in 2022, there are alternatives that you can look into if you need to create more complex workflows.

A screen capture of zapier competitors
Competitors of Zapier in 2022

  1. Workato: It is an intelligent automation platform that supports enterprises in building complex workflows.
  2. Make (formerly Integromat): Make is the new no-code platform to build complex workflows in a simple way.
  3. IFTTT: It helps to connect smart home devices and automate manual daily tasks.
  4. It is the modern iPaaS automation platform with an intuitive interface.
  5. Integrately: Rated highest as an integration tool on G2, Integrately is a one-click integration software to create simple workflows

Common FAQ about Zapier

We hoped that this article has proven to be useful in understand the whole structure of Zapier. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to better assist you.

  • What is Zapier?

It is a powerful no-code automation tool to integrate different applications and automate workflows.

  • Is Zapier free to use?

Yes, it comes with a free version and you can sign up here

  • What does Zapier mean?

There is the word "API" and "zap" in the Zapier. The founders wanted to include both those words in the brand name. API stands for application programming interface and Zap is what connects the applications together.

  • How to pronounce Zapier?

Zapier rhymes with happier. Because Zapier makes you happier.

  • Who is the CEO of Zapier?

The startup was founded in 2011 and the CEO is Wade Foster.

  • How many employees does Zapier have?

The company employs 500 employees in 38 countries.

  • Does Zapier have an affiliate program?

Not at the moment.

  • What are Zapier premium apps?

They are applications that you can only use under the paid plans.

  • How to contact Zapier support?

The team is available 24/7 and you can open a ticket here.

Is Zapier the next big thing in productivity?

Undoubtedly, Zapier is growing at an incredible rate. Thousands of companies reported how the product had increased productivity within their team and expanded in terms of sales and revenue.

"Zapier's ease of use and sheer amount of third-party apps undoubtedly makes it Parseur's users favorite integration tool" - Sylvain, Founder of Parseur.

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