What is AI document extraction?

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Picture this scenario: It's peak season, and your boss wants financial data quickly. You scan documents through your eyes but still can't find the information. You get stressed out and frustrated knowing that people are waiting for you.

The end of the month is usually like that.. Aren't they? Especially if you work in the financial industry.

Manual data extraction is not the way to go

Trust me when I say this. You deserve so much better in life than spending your time buried in manual data entry tasks.

Extracting text from PDFs is already a pain; now imagine extracting table data from documents!

We all know the hassle of manual data processing:

  • Time-consuming
  • Error-prone
  • Boring
  • Unproductive

One simple error can cost the company millions of dollars. When handling sensitive data, one should be more than cautious. And, sometimes having an AI document tool is better than doing it manually.

What is AI document extraction?

AI document extraction or AI parsing is the process of extracting large volumes of data from different types of documents. AI document extractors are trained to process unstructured data and convert it into structured data for further analysis.

It goes without saying that artificial intelligence tools are helping businesses be more efficient.

Benefits of AI document extraction

Trust me, you're going to nap a lot once you start to embrace AI data extraction tools like Parseur.

But, first let's take a look at how AI document extraction is beneficial to both employees and the company as a whole.

AI works faster than lightning

Here's a question for you: How long does it take to extract or parse data manually? If the answer is "too long", then you need an AI parser.

Imagine extracting data with the speed of light.

Accuracy on point

We all had that one friend in school who always aced all the tests. AI document extraction is that friend; it doesn't know how to make mistakes. It's precise and will always offer a high level of accuracy.

24/7 Workaholic (without the coffee)

AI doesn't need sleep, coffee breaks, or vacation. It's here to ensure that all data is being extracted and processed on time and quickly, even at 3 a.m.


Why hire a battalion when you can have an AI wizard do the job? You can save so much money with an AI tool. Let's save those precious dollars for something more fun---a pool party, anyone?

Check how much you can save per year with Parseur

Parseur: The best AI document tool in 2024

Alright, we spoke a lot about why you should make the switch from manual data entry to using AI software. However, there are so many AI tools on the market right now, and it can get overwhelming to choose the right one.

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Questions to ask when investing in an AI document extractor:

  • Why do I need AI document extraction?
  • What's the use case and industry?
  • Can the AI powered tool process large amounts of data quickly?
  • Do I need to train the AI model each time?
  • Does the AI software require a human review in the process?
  • Can the AI tool be integrated with another application seamlessly?

Why should you invest in Parseur?

Parseur has a cool AI engine that doesn't need training or any manual review. Compared to other AI models that require a learning curve, Parseur is easy to set up and you can use it right away.

Once Parseur receives your document, create or edit fields that you want the AI engine to parse. Sit back and let the AI parser do its magic.

Go ahead and give Parseur a try. If you're worried about how much Parseur costs, let me tell you that it won't cost a penny to try Parseur with all the /features.

AI document extraction's mic drop moment

No more endless searching through documents, no more "oh-no-I-missed-that-detail" moments, and certainly no more drowning in a sea of paper.

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