What is email data extraction?

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Welcome to the data-driven revolution! In today's business landscape, where data are important, email data extraction plays a pivotal role. If you're looking for a powerful solution to efficiently extract data from your emails, you've found the ideal one -- Parseur.

Emails continue to be the most widely used communication method for businesses

Did you know that 347.3 billion emails are sent and received daily worldwide?

Despite the increased number of messaging tools such as Slack or WhatsApp, email still remains popular among users.

81% of small business owners still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel.

Irrespective of which industry you're in---real estate, food ordering, or event booking---email is part of any business's operations and sales.

Manually extracting data from emails is tedious and time-consuming

Let's be honest here. No one wants to sit down for a whole day, go through emails and copy-paste information onto a Google spreadsheet or a CRM.

It's unproductive and error-prone especially if you're dealing with sensitive data and data entry errors cost more money

Email data is important as it provides customer insights that lead to more data-driven decisions which means that you cannot let your emails sit in your inbox.

Is there a better way to extract email data?

Yes, through automatic data extraction. Email data extraction or email parsing, refers to automatically extracting data or text from incoming emails or attachments.

Use cases of email data extraction

Email extraction is an important part of any business process and here are some common use cases.

Lead generation

By extracting contact information from incoming emails, businesses can build prospect lists and initiate targeted outreach campaigns.

Real estate

Extracting data from real estate platforms can help populate real estate CRM systems with important property and buyer information.

Market Research

Analyzing email data can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, opinions, and trends.

Why should you use an email parser?

An email parser or email extractor is the tool that is used for email data extraction. Email parsers are tools that can convert unstructured into structured data and export it for further analysis. They can process multiple emails and pull data from them within seconds.

  • They extract data with a high degree of accuracy
  • They save countless hours of manual data processing
  • They automate text extraction from email attachments
  • They improve data quality while reducing your costs

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Can I create an email parser from scratch?

Yes, you can refer to this article to build your email parser. However, this will require a bit of your time and coding knowledge.

Why not use integrated email parsing software with a point-and-click interface, like Parseur?

Automate email data extraction with Parseur

Parseur is a powerful email parsing tool that automates data parsing from emails, allowing you to focus on productive tasks. Parseur is integrated with advanced algorithms such as AI, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to ensure data is processed with high accuracy.

What makes Parseur the best email parser?

Parseur is template-based extraction which means there are no parsing rules and no coding involved.

  • Compatible with all email providers Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo
  • Compatible with all email formats, including text emails, rich text emails (HTML) and multipart MIME emails
  • It can parse email attachments including zip attachments
  • It can extract tabular data and repetitive blocks automatically
  • It can extract metadata such as date and time received, subject, filename, recipient's email address, and sender's email address.

How does email data extraction work?

The process of capturing data from emails is simple with Parseur. The email parser has a free plan where you can access all the features for email extraction.

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Step 1: Create an email parser mailbox

Once you've created your free Parseur account, create a custom mailbox to receive your emails. This will depend on the type of email you have and your industry. Parseur has a built-in library of templates for industries such as property bookings, work orders or bid management.

Step 2: Create an email parser template

Create a box over the data that you need to extract and choose the correct output format on the right-hand side.

Automating data capture from documents in Parseur is as easy as point and click

Step 3: Email data extraction is done automatically

Email data is processed within seconds. It's good to verify the parsed data before sending it to another application.

Step 4: Create an automated workflow between Parseur and other apps

You can download the parsed data in CSV or JSON, send it to Google Sheets or export it to any application of your choice.

Although various tools facilitate email data extraction, Parseur distinguishes itself as the best in the field, thanks to its exceptional features like advanced parsing technology, high precision, user-friendly interface, and extensive integration options.

For me, using Parseur means I spend less time on data entry between emails and spreadsheets. Integrating with Google Sheets is also a win for me! It's a much more user-friendly platform compared to other email parsers I've tried previously and seems much smarter also. The support is really quick and hands-on which is great

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