March 2017: better parsing and app

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Hello there!

Many thanks for your comments and feedback so far. You're helping us make Parseur better!

We have deployed an update of Parseur that adds a couple of new features, improves a lot of them and fixes a few nasty bugs that were crawling around.

Here are the list of changes in this month's update.

New features

  • Add email received date to export data: when downloading your parsed data results, you'll now have an additional "received" column with the time stamp of when the email was received. That should help you with filtering and ordering your data.
  • Rich HTML view when editing a template: previously when you were editing a template, you had to use the ugly-looking Text view showing you the HTML source. That's now gone. You can edit your templates the same way you create them. Text view remains accessible by using the "View" drop down in the Template Editor.

Improved Features

  • Improve email parser engine: under the hood we have refined our parsing engine to work better in some edge case situations. You should see more accurate parsing results in those situations and less cases where Parseur asks you to create a new template.
  • Disable email links when editing a template: links are disabled when creating or editing a template. This is so you won't mistakenly click on a link and navigate to another page while creating a new field.
  • Add default Template name: Template now have a default name if you don't provide one yourself.
  • Better field selection: we've made a few tweaks that should improve understanding of the piece of text you selected when creating new fields in the Template Editor. You should see improved accuracy in the parsed results.

Bug Fixes

  • Template editor is now compatible with Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11+. Previously Chrome was the recommended browser when creating or editing templates as other browser could lead to corrupted templates.
  • Accessing parser settings page from the Home page wasn't loading settings' information.

We hope you'll enjoy this update. As usual, don't hesitate to contact us for any comment or question. You can reach us using the chat box on the lower right corner of the page, via Twitter (@parseur) or via our contact form

Thanks for your comments and feedback !

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