June 2017: better user experience

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Another month has gone by and Summer is coming (for us in the Northern Hemisphere). We're not taking any holidays here at Parseur. We are focused on our mission to create the easiest to use and most powerful email parser on the market.

And like every month, we would like to let you know of the latest updates in Parseur. This month, we focused our efforts in making a better user experience for Parseur.

So what’s new this month?

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Send email notifications on Template Needed or Quota Exceeded conditions

You now receive a notification email when an email could not be parsed. We also send you a notification when you exceeded your monthly email parsing quota.

We hate spam here at Parseur, so we apply a cool down period and, by default, we won’t send you more than one email every 24 hours for each email needing a new template. Same for when you reach your quota. You can change the duration of that cool down period in your profile email settings.

You can configure email notification cool down periods in your profile settings

You can configure email notification cool down periods in your profile settings

Zapier trigger for email parsing errors

Our integration with Zapier last month has been very successful, and we’ve gotten plenty of positive feedback from many of you. Thank you!

In addition to our “Document Processed” trigger, some of our clients asked if we could create a webhook that gets triggered every time an email failed parsing. We did just that and the new "Document Not Processed" trigger is now available for all our users.

New "Document Not Processed" trigger is available in Zapier

New "Document Not Processed" trigger is available in Zapier

Last activity date and number of documents parsed by Templates

We added 2 columns to the template list:

  • "Last Used" will tell you when the template was last used to parse an email
  • "Processed" will tell you the number of documents that have been processed by that template

This can help you get an overview of which templates are mostly used and which one haven’t been used in a while or are too specific and were only used to parse a couple of emails.

New "Last Used" and "Processed" columns in Template List

New "Last Used" and "Processed" columns in Template List

Automatic “Received” field

We now automatically add a field named “Received” to every parsed email data. That field contains the date and time when we received your email. This can be useful for ordering your parsed documents. The date is formatted according to ISO 8601 ensuring maximum compatibility within apps and databases.

"Received" will be automatically added to each processed document. You can override it.

"Received" will be automatically added to each processed document. You can override it.

Better Excel format

We have improved the downloadable Excel version of your parsed data to make it more user-friendly.

Ain't that a nice looking table?

Ain't that a nice looking table?

Better parsing accuracy and performance

Thanks to our growing number of happy users and customers, we keep discovering new edge cases and tweaking our parsing engine to get better and more resilient at email parsing coming from any client.

This month we have improved handling of emails sent from Gmail and Thunderbird that could previously require you to create new templates for no real valid reason.

We are always monitoring our parsing performance but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t understand why your parser doesn’t behave the way you expect it to.

Other improvements and fixes

We improved the look and feel of the app on mobile. We still don’t recommend using the template editor on mobile, but the rest of the app should be working smoothly.

Also, we made some improvements to the template editor:

  • You now need to create at least one field before saving a template
  • We will warn you if the name of the field you’re creating already exists
  • We fixed a bug where, in some cases, when editing a template, we would show you the email source HTML code instead of the Rich formatted version

App performance improved across the board, so it should now feel snappier, especially if you have many documents in your parser.

That’s all for this month! We hope Parseur saves you time and helps you automate your business. As usual, we are always available for comments, feedback and feature requests!

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