August 2019: Address parser, Feedback page, Master mailbox

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Here are the latest updates from Parseur email parsing service for this cool August (for us in the southern hemisphere).

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New: Address field for parsing addresses

You can now capture a full address as a field and let Parseur automatically extract street, city, state, zip, country etc. It can also give you a normalized version of the address, extract apartment or unit number and provide you with a link to Google Maps!

To use this feature, edit the field capturing the address and, in the format dropdown, select Address.

Select the Address format to use our address parser

Select the Address format to use our address parser

Example: Say you have the following address in your document: 500 Chartres Street Appt 34, New Orleans

Capturing that address in a field named "Location" with an Address format will give you the following results:

  • Location.original: 500 Chartres Street Appt 34, New Orleans
  • Location.normalized: 500 Chartres St #34, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA
  • Location.number: 500
  • Location.street: Chartres St
  • Location.address1: 500 Chartres St
  • Location.address2: #34
  • New Orleans
  • 70130
  • Location.county: Orleans Parish
  • Location.state: Louisiana
  • Location.state_code: LA
  • United States
  • Location.country_code: US
  • Location.found: True
  • 29.9558754
  • Location.lng: -90.065056
  • link.

Read more about data normalization and field formats available in Parseur.

New: Parseur feedback page

We want to make Parseur a useful product for as many businesses as possible, and we are driven by your feedback to decide which feature we should build next.

Until now, we were gathering and prioritizing feature requests internally.

Today, we are happy to publish a public suggestion box where you can share ideas for improving Parseur and vote for existing ideas.

Check out Parseur Suggestion Box. You will also find a link to the board at the bottom of every page in the app.

On this page you can:

  • Check ideas submitted by other users
  • Upvote ideas that are interesting for your use case
  • Leave comments
  • Submit your own ideas

We have initiated the board with ideas already shared with us on the chat or via email.

We hope this page will give more visibility on the most requested features and contribute in building a tool that saves you time and money!

Screen capture of Parseur feedback and idea page

Click on the image to open the feedback page

New: Master Mailboxes to manage all templates centrally

Note: This feature is currently only available to customers on Pro and Enterprise plans.

If you need to use the same templates across various mailboxes, you don't have to manually copy templates anymore. Instead, use our Master Mailbox feature to share templates across your mailboxes!

This feature was initially built for use internally to offer ready-made templates for Google Alerts, Food orders, Real Estate etc. We are now opening it to our customers with Pro plan and above.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Create a mailbox that will hold all the templates you want to share

Step 2: Contact us on the chat to promote your mailbox to master.

Once done, this mailbox will show in green in your app and it will be available in the list when creating a new mailbox

Once promoted to master, your mailbox will show in green

Once promoted to master, your mailbox will show in green

Step 3: Create a new mailbox linked to the master mailbox

When creating a new mailbox, your master mailbox will be listed

When creating a new mailbox, your master mailbox will be listed alongside Parseur ready-made mailboxes

You can also create a linked mailbox via the API.

Now, every time a new document will be received in the linked mailbox, Parseur will:

  • Check the local templates in the mailbox. If one matches, it will use it
  • If there are no local template or none that matches, Parseur will try to use a template from the master mailbox

With this system, you can still have local templates in individual mailboxes but also have a centrally managed repository of templates for the ones that can be used across your mailboxes.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to get started with this feature!

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