May 2019: new website and more!

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We're back publishing our updates on the blog! For the past year or so we shared most updates via our newsletter. We felt we should go back publishing updates on our Blog as well, especially now that we have a brand new website!

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New: brand new website

After more than two years with our legacy website, we decided it was time for a refresh. We wanted Parseur landing pages and support documentation to be more legible and easier to navigate.

We are pleased to introduce our new Parseur website! We hope it is easier to find the information you're looking for. You can use the top navigation bar for accessing our primary content. Also on each page, the footer lists the most sought after content.

We took the opportunity to change the underlying platform that was serving the pages. We'll probably write an article about it, but suffice to say that the new platform makes it a lot easier and faster for us to produce content.

We'd love to hear your feedback! Don't hesitate to reach out to us on the chat.

New: Parseur affiliate program

We've had an unofficial referral program for quite some time. As requests about such program kept coming up, we decided it was time to roll out a full featured affiliate program.

We partnered with the Linkmink affiliate platform to offer anybody that often configures Parseur for their clients a share of the lifetime revenue generated by their referrals.

Learn more about Parseur referral program and enroll into your business!

Other Improvements

Better: improved support for .docx files

Until recently, Microsoft Word .docx files were converted into plain text. Parseur now preserves the formatting of .docx documents. It makes it easier for you to create templates for those documents. The new format also improves the reliability of the parsing.

Parse .docx documents and preserve formatting

Parse .docx documents and preserve layout and formatting

Better: name columns in table preview

When creating a table field, you can now name column fields directly in the result preview table.

Directly name columns in the result preview

Directly name columns in the result preview

Better: enable/disable templates in a click

You can now directly enable and disable templates from the Template list using the Play and Pause buttons.

Enable and disable templates in a click

Enable and disable templates in a click

That's it for the updates!

We have quite a few features lined up for the next few months. Stay tuned!

As usual, we always welcome your comments or questions. Feel free to contact us on the chat!

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