August 2017: GetSwift integration and attachment handling

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Time flies when you're busy as a bee. It's almost the end of the month so let's see what's new in our mail parser since last month. The big feature of the month is our new GetSwift integration!

Parseur August 2017 Update

New GetSwift Integration

GetSwift is a full fledged delivery app that lets you manage a fleet of drivers and dispatch delivery orders. We have partnered with GetSwift to provide their customers the opportunity to automatically transform any delivery order email into a dispatching job.

Setting up the link between Parseur and GetSwift is as easy as pie:

  • enter your GetSwift key in Parseur,
  • send delivery order emails to Parseur,
  • create your templates as usual,
  • you're done!

For more information about setting up Parseur and GetSwift, head over their support page article. We have also written a detailed article about the available fields that can be sent to GetSwift.

Are you a GetSwift user? Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comment section!

Email attachment parsing

We are happy to announce that have laid down the foundation of one of our most requested feature: email attachment parsing!

First, you need to enable the processing of attachments, since it's disabled by default. Go to your Mailbox settings, tick the 'Process email attachments' box, then click Save. That's it!

Process attachment feature

Check this box to enable attachment processing

Now, any document attached to an email will also appear in your document queue. Parseur can parse almost any type of document attachment: plain text, Microsoft Word, HTML documents, PDFs, Rich Text Format (RTF), Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and dozens more!

Attachment received in Parseur

Your email attachments will now appear in the document queue

Please note that this feature is still experimental. We'll keep improving it over time. We very much welcome your feedback!

Get real sender email address when using Gmail auto forward feature

Last month we introduced the Extra field feature. That feature allows you to add information like email subject, sender email address, received date and more to your parsed data. The sender email address especially is a highly requested feature. Unfortunately when you would forward your emails to Parseur using Gmail auto forward feature, the sender email address would be shown as your own Gmail address instead of the sender of the original email.

This is now fixed ! If you're using Gmail automatic forwarding feature and need the sender email address, you will now see it properly in Parseur.

That's all for this month. We have started working on some exciting new features that we hope to share very soon!

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