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Send parsed email data to Zapier

Send text extracted from emails to any of apps using Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect and share data between thousands of applications, CRMs, tools and databases. With Parseur, you can automatically extract text from emails, attachments and documents and send it to any of these connected applications.

For example, many of our customers send emails data to Zapier to:

  • Populate their spreadsheet or database from email notifications
  • Add information to their CRM from lead information received by mail
  • Manage their business workflow to include events from email
  • And, more generally, skip the manual step of copying and pasting text from emails into their applications

Using Parseur together with Zapier you can extract text from emails and send it anywhere in a perfectly formatted and structured way. Whenever an email comes in with business data, Parseur can extract the data and add it to Zapier in real time. You can stop manually copying and pasting emails into your apps, saving you time and improving your business automation.

How this Email to Zapier integration works

  • A new email notification is received in your Parseur mailbox
  • Parseur extracts the relevant information and sends the data to Zapier
  • Zapier formats the data according to your Zap and send it to any connected application

What you will need

Parseur integrates natively with Zapier.

To use this integration you will need:

  • Parseur account with a configured mailbox
  • Zapier account

Read more: how to set up Zapier with Parseur.

Parseur logo What is Parseur?

Parseur is a powerful email parser software to automatically extract text from emails, attachments and documents and automate your workflow. See Parseur features.

Zapier logo What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects apps together. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. More about Zapier.