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Send data extracted from emails to Integromat for advanced workflows

Advanced data parsing and processing with Integromat and Parseur

Integromat is a service that connects hundreds of applications, CRMs, tools and databases together. With Parseur, you can automatically extract text from emails, attachments and documents and send it to any of those connected applications.

Integromat provides advanced features to make the most complex scenarios possible. Such features include:

  • A visual editor to create your workflows, step by step
  • Access to detailed logs to understand what happens at every execution step (including a way to disable logs for data privacy)
  • Advanced data processing functions (similar to Excel formulas)
  • "Routers" that allows your data to flow different execution branches either simultaneously or conditionally based filters or timing
  • Iterators and Aggregators to respectively split and merge your data along the way
  • Thousands of ready-made templates to cover most common use cases
  • And many more!

Using Parseur together with Integromat you can extract text from emails, post process the data and send it anywhere in a perfectly formatted and structured way. Whenever an email comes in, Parseur can extract the data and add it to Integromat in real time.

How this Email to Integromat integration works

  • A new email notification is received in your Parseur mailbox
  • Parseur extracts the relevant information according to your templates and sends the data to Integromat via a Webhook
  • Integromat processes the data according to your workflow and send it to any connected application

What you need

To use this integration you will need:

Note: This integration uses Parseur webhook feature. To set it up, create an Integromat webhook URL and add it as a webhook in your mailbox export options. See the article below for more information.

Read more: how to set up Integromat with Parseur.

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Parseur is a powerful email parser software that can automatically extract text from emails, attachments and documents. Show Parseur the text you want to extract in a sample document. It will reliably then extract the same data from all similar documents. Learn more.

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Integromat is the glue of the internet connecting different applications and services. Integromat is the most advanced online automation platform that redefines work automation so everyone can get back to what matters the most. Learn more.