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In this article, you will learn how to create a database item automatically in Notion from your emails with the integration of Parseur.

Notion has a minimalist interface where you can just drag and drop items on the workspace. It is a no-code software just like Parseur, which allows for flexible workflow on task management. Notion is free to start with for personal use.

Notion has three main components:

  1. Team Wiki
  2. Projects & Tasks
  3. Notes & Docs

Why should you integrate Parseur with Notion?

Parseur is a powerful data entry automation software that facilitates the data extraction process from emails, PDFs and spreadsheets. The parsed data can then be downloaded or exported in real time to any application of your choice via Zapier.

Using Parseur together with Notion you can extract text from emails and documents and send it to your Notion workspace automatically.

Notion is a very flexible solution that makes it easy to adapt to your business. Our customers use the integration of Parseur and Notion to:

  1. Import Google alerts
  2. Track orders for an e-commerce shop
  3. Follow up with leads
  4. Track user requests and tickets
  5. And, so much more!

How does this email to Notion integration work?

The integration can be summarized in three main steps as follows:

  1. A new document is received in your Parseur mailbox
  2. Parseur extracts the specific data and sends the data to Zapier
  3. Zapier creates the items in Notion automatically

To use this integration, you will need:

  1. A Parseur account
  2. Your Notion account
  3. A Zapier account

We will take the case of a real estate agency that receives many leads and customers' details in their mailbox on a daily basis. For example, the real estate broker receives an email tour request from StreetEasy. They have to extract the specific information from the email (lead's contact details, property details) and create a new item for it in Notion so that they can assign the task to their team.

The emails come from different real estate platforms or third-party websites and in different formats. The real estate agent has to manually go through their emails, filter out specific information, and input it manually in Notion.

With an email parsing tool like Parseur, they can save countless hours of manual work and have an automated workflow process in place.

Step 1: Create your free Parseur account to receive your email

Parseur is free to start with and you get access to all features!

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Your account will be created within seconds. You will then be asked to create your mailbox to receive all your emails.

Step 2: Forward the email to your Parseur mailbox

We recommend that you create an auto-forwarding rule to forward all your emails automatically to the Parseur mailbox.

Email received in Parseur mailbox
Email received in Parseur mailbox

Step 3: Extract the data from your email

One of the most popular and key features of Parseur are our AI data extraction (for real estate, food ordering and more industries).

Your parsed results will look like this:

Data extracted from your email
Data extracted from your email

Step 4: Configure Zapier export the extracted data

Go to "Export", click on "Zapier" and search for "Notion" and click on "Create Zap" where you will be redirected to your Zapier dashboard.

Step 5: Connect Zapier with Parseur

Select your Parseur account and mailbox so that Zapier can retrieve your parsed email data.

Select Parseur mailbox
Select Parseur mailbox

Step 6: Connect Zapier with Notion

Zapier will ask you to log into your Notion account as well.

In order to connect Zapier with Notion, you will need to generate a secret token from your Notion's workspace.

Go to your account and click on "integration" and "develop my own integrations"

Click on "develop my own integrations"
Click on "develop my own integrations"

This will redirect you to the integration platform where you will be able to add Zapier as a new integration and generate the token.

Add Zapier as a new integration in Notion
Add Zapier as a new integration in Notion

Generate the integration token in Notion
Generate the integration token in Notion

Copy and paste the integration token into your Zapier dashboard and you will be able to connect with your Notion account. From there, you can use the parsed email data to customize the item that will be created automatically in Notion.

Connect Notion with Zapier
Connect Notion with Zapier

Customize the database item for Notion
Customize the database item for Notion

Note: If your workspace is not appearing in the dropdown, you will need to share the database in Notion with your internal integration (Zapier).

Step 7: Send a test review from Zapier to Notion

With Zapier, you can send a test trigger to check if the database item has been created automatically.

Send a test trigger to Notion
Send a test trigger to Notion

Test from Zapier was successful
Test from Zapier was successful

Database item created in Notion automatically
Database item created in Notion automatically

As you can see in the screenshot above, the lead's details have been sent automatically to Notion.

From now on, every email that you send to the Parseur mailbox will be automatically extracted and exported to Notion.

Here at Parseur, we have been huge fans of Notion since last year. Like us, they are a no-code software aimed at helping businesses reduce their manual processes. We have been using Notion as our single source of hub for all our internal documents and tracking. Notion enables the Parseur team to have a shared view of progress on our weekly tasks and updates.

Don't hesitate to contact us via the chat if you have any difficulties in integrating Parseur with Notion!

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