How to convert PDF to Google Sheets?

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convert pdf to google sheets

Do you need to extract table rows or specific information from PDF and send them to Google sheets or other spreadsheet tools like Excel? You already know that this data transfer takes time to do, especially if you are doing it manually.

Let’s take the case of Jack who owns a coffee shop, where customers can order online and receive home delivery. Once a customer places his orders on the e-commerce website, a sales order is generated and sent to Jack in the PDF format. Jack then manually copies and pastes the information (items list, customer’s name and contact details, delivery address) to a Google spreadsheet where he can assign deliveries to his drivers.

This whole process is not only time consuming but mundane as well, especially if you have PDF tables and receive hundreds of orders daily!

Whether you are in the food delivery industry, real estate, e-commerce, or any other industry, transferring data to Google sheets are more or less part of your process.

Integrate Google Sheets with Parseur

Parseur to the rescue! In this article, we are going to describe how to easily extract data and tables from your PDF and convert PDF to Google sheets.

As a powerful PDF parsing tool, Parseur enables you to automate data extraction from PDFs easily and quickly and export to Google Sheets. Parseur will save you countless hours of manual data entry tasks with zero coding knowledge.

How to get started?

Step 1: Create your account with Parseur

Sign up for Parseur and create your mailbox, by selecting the option “emails with attachments”

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select mailbox type

Select mailbox type

Step 2: Forward the email with a PDF attachment

Once your mailbox is created, you will receive an email address.

In this use case, we will take the example of a sales order, in PDF format from Jack’s coffee shop.

sales order example

Example of a sales order

Step 3: Create your first template to send the extracted data to Google Sheets

Your email with the attachment will arrive within less than 10 seconds in your Parseur mailbox! From there, you will be able to create your template.

Highlight the data that you need to be extracted from the PDF and create data fields for them. Here, Jack will require the below information to be able to send those to Google sheets:

  • Full name of the customer
  • Delivery address
  • Phone number
  • Items bought
  • Total Price
  • Payment method
Highlighting data in Parseur

Highlighting data in Parseur

The parsed results will look like this:

Sample data extracted from PDF

Parsed data extracted from PDF

parsed PDF data to be sent to Google Sheets

Parsed PDF data to be sent to Google Sheets

From now on, PDF will be processed automatically!

You can also set up an auto-forwarding rule from your personal mailbox to your Parseur mailbox.

Step 4: Export parsed data to Google Sheets

Click on “export” in your mailbox.

From there, you will be able to export your parsed data to Google Sheets.

export pdf to google sheets

Click on export in your Parseur mailbox and select Google Sheets

By choosing the default option, the parsed data will be one row per document.

Since there were table fields in the PDF attachment, we are going to use the second formula to export the data. As you can see, we have already prepared the formula for you. All you have to do is click on “new spreadsheet” and copy-paste the formula there and one row will be created for each table field. Each ordered item from your table field will be one row in your spreadsheet.

Your data updated in real time in Google sheets

Your data is updated in real time in Google sheets

You can also use the other formulas for Google sheets to refine your data or use our real-time integration with Zapier if you want to customize the data more as per your requirements.

And, just like that! You will have an automated workflow set up for you, with no human intervention. Jack can then assign deliveries quickly and increase productivity in his business.

Converting PDF to Google sheets is a very straightforward process with Parseur, especially when you have the right tools and automation technology. It is simple and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use our parsing engine and, the data are exported in real-time.

Sign up today for the free plan all features available and give it a try!

For me, using Parseur means I spend less time on data entry between emails and spreadsheets. Integrating with Google Sheets is also a win for me!

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