Send Gmail emails from data extracted by Parseur

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Parseur and Gmail can help you automate time-consuming tasks in multiple ways, one of which is to send new emails from parsed data to your subscribers.

Why use Parseur with Gmail?

In our previous article, we showed you how to extract specific data from your Gmail emails and create a template with different types of data fields in Parseur.

This article covers the opposite integration: sending emails using Gmail from data already extracted by Parseur.

You will need:

  1. A Zapier account: As a cloud automation tool, Zapier facilitates the integration of Parseur and Gmail in countless ways.
  2. A Gmail account

Note: this article covers sending emails via Zapier, but you can also achieve the same result using Microsoft Flow or Make.

To send new emails processed by Parseur, you should already have your Parseur mailbox and a template created which automatically extracts specific data from your emails or documents. If you're new to extracting data from emails and documents with Parseur, check out this article.

Let's take the case where you need to send personalized "Thank you" emails to your subscribers after they leave their contact details on your website.

Send a thank-you email automatically

Every time an email has been processed by Parseur, extracted data can be sent automatically as a new email through Zapier.

Step 1: In your Parseur mailbox, go to Export and search for Gmail

Click on Zapier and search for "Send Gmail emails from new emails processed by Parseur"

Zapier integration to send Gmail emails from new emails processed by Parseur

Step 2: Connect Parseur to Zapier

Click on "Create Zap". This will redirect you to the Zapier website and kick off the automation process.

Connect your Parseur account to Zapier

Select the Parseur trigger and mailbox

Zapier shows you the data extracted from the last document received in Parseur

Step 3: Connect Zapier to Gmail

Select Gmail application and "Send email" action

Follow instructions to connect your Gmail to Zapier

Step 4: Customize your email

Customize the email that you want to send. In this case, the "Thank you" email to your subscribers using the extracted data from Parseur.

Define who to send the email to using data sent by Parseur

Customize email content using data from Parseur

Step 5: Turn your zap on and your Gmail integration is complete!

Turn the Zap on to complete this integration

Now every time a new document is processed by Parseur, the extracted data will be sent to Zapier. Zapier will draft a customized thank-you email and send it to your subscribers using your Gmail account!

Other simple ways that you can automate your manual work are as follows:

  • Extract data from labeled Gmail emails using Parseur
  • Extract data from specific Gmail emails using Parseur

With zero coding experience and without relying on developers, you can easily connect Parseur and Gmail. Check out all Gmail-Parseur integrations in Zapier here.

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