How to create expenses automatically in Xero?

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Are you an accountant who uses Xero? Are you a business owner who uses Xero? Either way, Xero helps you do beautiful business. If you go one step further and integrate Xero with Parseur to automate your invoice and expense processing, you will go from a beautiful business to a great business.

Is your inbox filled with expenses at the end of the month?

If you find yourself having to take a working day for "admin purposes" and go through invoices one by one manually, retrieve important details from them and input them into Xero, then my friend, I'm afraid that you are not using your precious time efficiently.

Keep reading about how to automate this part of your life so that you can focus on other productive tasks.

We are going on a quest to create credit notes automatically in Xero, like Frodo on his quest with the Dark Lord Sauron's Ring.

The beginning of the quest with Parseur

Parseur is an invoice extractor used to capture invoice data automatically and accurately. The invoice processing tool is integrated with artificial intelligence and Optical character recognition (OCR) to ensure high accuracy.

  • Parseur receives an invoice and extracts specific data from it using Zonal OCR and Dynamic OCR
  • Parseur exports the invoice data to Zapier.
  • Zapier creates a credit note in Xero instantly.

To use this integration, you will need:

Step 1: Create an expense mailbox in Parseur

Parseur is free to start with all the features available on the plan. Once you've created your expense mailbox, upload or drag and drop one of the invoices into it.

Integrate Parseur with Xero
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If you already have an invoice mailbox, you can use the same one.

Create a mailbox to invoice data
Create a mailbox to invoice data

Upload an invoice to the mailbox
Upload an invoice to the mailbox

Step 2: The magic of automation with Parseur

Parseur is AI-based and it processes documents instantly depending on the use cases.

Parseur extracting data at lightning speed
Parseur extracting data at lightning speed

You can also create a custom OCR template if you don't like what Parseur extracted.

Verify the invoice data before you move on to the next step.

Zapier: Our trusty steed

Parseur has a native integration with Zapier that connects it with thousands of applications.

Step 3: Connect Parseur with Zapier

Head over to "export", click on "Zapier" and search for "Xero" and, it will open the Zapier dashboard.

Open the Zapier dashboard
Open the Zapier dashboard

Parseur is the trigger for "new document processed". Choose the correct mailbox so that Zapier can retrieve the invoice data.

Choose the correct mailbox
Choose the correct mailbox

Zapier retrieves the data from Parseur
Zapier retrieves the data from Parseur

Arrival at the kingdom of Xero

Data from the invoice is now sent to Zapier.

Step 4: Connect Xero with Zapier

The next step is to give Zapier access to your Xero account.

Connect Xero with Zapier
Connect Xero with Zapier

From there, you can tell Zapier which data to use to create a bill in Xero. If it doesn't find the customer in Xero, Zapier will create a new contact in Xero as well.

Customize the data that you want to send to Xero
Customize the data that you want to send to Xero

Step 5: Send a Zapier trigger to Xero

Send a Zapier test to verify whether the credit note has been created successfully in Xero.

Send a test from Zapier to Xero
Send a test from Zapier to Xero

Bill created successfully in Xero
Bill created successfully in Xero

Quest complete: Victory for your business

Like a hero returning triumphant from a quest, your business comes back victorious with more time and resources to invest in conquering new frontiers.

Start your own epic journey with Parseur, Zapier, and Xero, and let us know how it goes! This workflow is created only once and it will run smoothly once you turn the Zap on.

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