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Create tickets from emails in Freshdesk

If you are in back-office management and support, it can get time-consuming creating different support tickets from diverse emails, especially if you need to extract different information each time you receive an email.

This is where Parseur comes in!

As a powerful email parsing tool, Parseur is integrated with advanced features, facilitating the extraction of specific data from emails and converting them into structured data.

Why use an email parser with FreshDesk?

By combining FreshDesk with Parseur, you can set up an automated data entry workflow to manage your incoming emails and automated notifications directly in FreshDesk.

Parseur integration with FreshDesk allows you to:

  • Create a ticket
  • Create a company
  • Create a contact
  • Add a note to a ticket
  • Create a forum, forum topic, and forum category

Below are a few examples of how our happy clients use Parseur and Freshdesk:

  • Create a ticket and contact when a user fills in a webform for a work order or support request
  • Add a note to a ticket when a user replies to an email conversation
  • Create a ticket when a monitoring system sends an alert via email

What do you need to get started?

Let's see how that works!

Step 1: Create your Free Parseur account

If not done already, sign up to Parseur. Parseur is free to start with and you get access to all features!

Start parsing my emails
Free to start with. All features enabled on our Free plan!

Once your account is created, you will be directed to the next page to create your mailbox. Follow the on-screen tutorial or check instructions here and get your mailbox ready within seconds!

Step 2: Forward an email sample you want to convert into ticket

You will receive an email address for your mailbox so that you can forward your emails to it. Let’s take the case where your customers send in support requests via the webform on your website.

Forward your email to your Parseur mailbox

Forward your email to your Parseur mailbox

Step 3: Setup a template to extract ticket data in email

Once email is received Parseur asks you to create a template to identify the text to extract.

Highlight specific data which Parseur needs to extract

Highlight specific data which Parseur needs to extract

Select the text that you want to extract and create respective fields.

Your template will be created for this type of email.

Go to the Document section and open the email you just sent. On the right, you'll find the data extracted by Parseur.

From now on, every similar email sent to your Parseur mailbox will be automatically processed and its data extracted.

Step 4: Send extracted data to Freshdesk

At this point, you should already have created a Zapier account.

In Parseur, click on “Export” and “Zapier” in your mailbox. You will find a list of applications where you can search for “Freshdesk”

Then, click on “Create Zap”, this will open your Zapier dashboard.

Search for Freshdesk and click on “Create Zap”

Search for Freshdesk and click on “Create Zap”

Connect your Parseur account and select your mailbox

Connect your Parseur account

Connect your Parseur account

Select your Parseur mailbox

Select your mailbox

Zapier will retrieve the last parsed email data from your mailbox

Zapier will test your trigger

Zapier will test your trigger...

Zapier will retrieve the parsed email data as extracted by Parseur

...and retrieve the parsed email data as extracted by Parseur

Zapier will now create the ticket in Freshdesk, where you will be asked to sign in to your Freshdesk account as well.

Sign in your Freshdesk account

Sign in your Freshdesk account

Once done, you can use extracted data from Parseur to customize the ticket.

Use the parsed data to customize the ticket

Use the parsed data to customize the ticket

You can select which type of ticket it is; in this case, it will be a refund one.

Select the type of ticket

Select the type of ticket

Your ticket is customized and Zap configuration completed

Your ticket is customized and Zap configuration completed

Your Freshdesk integration is set up!

Your Freshdesk integration is set up!

When all the information has been filled in, click on “continue” and Zapier will create a new item in Freshdesk. Don’t forget to turn the zap on!

An email parser helps you automate the ticketing system and send real-time data to the customer support software. Your support teams will have more time to resolve tickets as the whole helpdesk process will be automated!

I love the fine-tuning capabilities and it's a reasonable pricing model

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