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If you’ve stumbled on this integration article, then I have 3 questions for you:

  • Do you create and store contacts in Wealthbox CRM?
  • Do you receive leads’ information in your inbox?
  • Do you manually add each lead as a new contact in the CRM tool?

If you’ve replied “yes” to all the questions, then we are going to show you how to automatically create new contacts in Wealtbox.

What is Wealthbox?

Wealthbox is the number one CRM for financial advisors. It provides a collaborative platform that facilitates interaction between prospects, customers and colleagues.

They have features such as:

Wealthbox has a free 14-day trial and its first plan starts at $45/user per month __

Integrating Parseur with Wealthbox

Parseur is an advanced document processing tool that integrates with thousands of applications, including Wealthbox. Parseur can be categorized into both an email parser and a PDF parser automating data extraction from documents.

The PDF parsing software is also integrated with AI OCR, Zonal OCR and Dynamic OCR

As a financial advisor, how does the integration of Parseur and Wealthbox help me?

Let’s say someone leaves their details through the contact form on your company’s website. You receive that information via email. You can create an auto-forwarding rule from your personal inbox to Parseur mailbox.

  • Parseur receives that email and extract specific data such as the lead’s name, phone number and email address.
  • Parseur sends the parsed data to Zapier.
  • Zapier creates a new contact in Wealthbox automatically

To use this integration you will need:

Step 1: Create a Parseur mailbox to receive the lead email

Parseur has several mailboxes developed for specific use cases. For this integration article, we will create a “generic leads” mailbox.

Create a mailbox to extract leads

Create a mailbox to extract leads

Once done, forward one of your emails to that mailbox.

Step 2: Create a lead parsing template

Just highlight the data that you want to extract and create data fields for it.

Click on “create template” and you’ll notice that the data will be processed within seconds.

Lead parsing template

Lead parsing template

Step 3: Export the data to Wealthbox

Head over to “export”, click on “Zapier” and search for “Wealthbox” and, it will open the Zapier dashboard.

Click on "Zapier" and "wealthbox"

Click on "Zapier" and "wealthbox"

Zapier dashboard

Zapier dashboard

The trigger should be Parseur and “new document processed”

The action should be Wealthbox and “create new contact”

Step 4: Connect Parseur with Zapier

Login to your Parseur account and choose the mailbox where Zapier will retrieve the parsed data.

Parsed data from wealthbox

Parsed data from wealthbox

Step 5: Connect Wealthbox with Zapier

The next step is to log in to your Wealthbox account and provide the API key to Zapier.

Connect wealthbox with Zapier

Connect wealthbox with Zapier

Note: You’ll have to contact Wealthbox support to access the API key.

wealthbox token

Create access token on wealthbox

Once done, you will be able to customize how to add the contact using the parsed data.

Customize contact using parsed data

Customize contact using parsed data

Customize contact using parsed data

Customize contact using parsed data

Step 6: Send a Zapier trigger to Wealthbox

Send a Zapier test to verify whether the contact has been created successfully.

Send a test from Zapier to wealthbox

Send a test from Zapier to wealthbox

Contact created successfully in wealthbox

Contact created successfully in wealthbox

From now on, every email will be processed and every lead will be added as a new contact in Wealthbox.

By integrating Parseur, Zapier, and Wealthbox, we have created an automated process that not only saves time but also reduces the chances of human error. This integration can help organize customer relationships and interactions seamlessly, providing valuable time to focus more on strategic tasks.

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