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How to automatically save your email attachments to Dropbox

Parseur can automatically save your email attachments to Dropbox for backup or further processing. Let's see how.

Why save attachments to Dropbox?

Dropbox offers a simple way to back your files up in the cloud and synchronize them across your devices.

Do you receive some emails on a frequent basis that include attachments you would like to save to Dropbox? For example, you need them backed up for archiving, auditing or accounting.

Manually uploading your files to the cloud is time consuming and error prone. Let's automate this!

How to upload your email attachments to Dropbox?

We are going to setup Parseur, a tool to automate data extraction from emails. Then, we'll connect Parseur to Dropbox using Zapier, a service that connects application together.

Step 1: Create a Parseur mailbox

Create a Parseur mailbox and enable attachment processing in Parseur.

If you don't already have a Parseur account, click here to create your free account. Then, follow the onboarding process and activate the Attachments extra fields: How to work with Extra Fields.

Forward the specific emails including attachments you want backed up to your Parseur mailbox. You should (create rules in your email client to automate this part.

Step 2: Connect Parseur with Dropbox in Zapier

Make a new Zap

Sign in to your Zapier account or create a new Zapier account.

Make a Zap

Once you are logged in Zapier, click Make a Zap!

Setup Parseur as a Trigger

Define Parseur as Trigger

In the When this happens..." window, enter *Parseur.

Define Parseur as Trigger

Then select New Document Processed as Trigger Event. Click continue.

Sign in to Parseur from Zapier

Sign in to Parseur from Zapier.

Select a mailbox to connect

Select a mailbox you want to connect to Dropbox (here a Mailbox is called a Parser)

Zapier processes test data

At that point, you have to send an email with an attachment to your Parseur mailbox, if you haven't already. That will help Zapier figure out how the Attachments field looks like. You should be able to see the fields that contain your attachments details, they look like Attachment[0].name, Attachments[0].content_type, ...

Setup Dropbox as action

Select Dropbox as action

Enter Dropbox in the Do this... search box and select its icon once it appears.

Select Dropbox' action event

Select Upload File as action event.

Connect to your Dropbox account

Connect to your Dropbox account.

Save the file to one of your Dropbox folder

Next, select a folder to save files to.

Note: Make sure to select the url field when asked for File

You don't need to fill Specify File Name nor Specify File Extension, they will get deduced from the URL.

Zapier will then show you a recap of your Zap, click Test & Continue.

Zap is ready

You Zap is ready!

Click Turn Zap On to enable the Zap. The attachment should now show up in your Dropbox folder.

It will automatically be triggered for every Attachment that you receive.

Step 3: Test it

Now make a test:

  • Send an email to your client mailbox (for example Gmail)
  • If your automated forward rules are setup correctly, you will see this email in your Parseur mailbox marked "Processed"
  • A few seconds later you will see the file uploaded on Dropbox.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us on the chat for any question!

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