The best alternative to Altair Monarch in 2023

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alternative to altair monarch

If you’ve decided to make the switch from Altair Monarch, then you’ve come to the right place. As a powerful PDF extractor integrated with Optical character recognition (OCR), machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, Parseur is the best alternative to Altair Monarch.

In this comparison article, we’ve outlined the main features of Parseur and why this PDF scraper is the best investment for your company.

What is Altair Monarch?

Altair Monarch is a desktop data preparation solution that helps users clean and manipulate data without coding. It can connect to multiple data sources (Excel, Google Sheets, PDFs, databases, and big data) and convert unstructured data to structured data

What are the features of Altair Monarch?

As a self-service software, Altair Monarch has the ability to handle large and complex data sets. You can filter, sort or disparate columns and rows directly into the software.

Monarch offers 80+ pre-built data preparation functions providing a robust toolset for data transformation.

It provides a visual representation of data, enabling you to get insights and prepare reports.

Data processed in Monarch can be exported to business intelligence tools or other analytic software for further analysis.

Cons of Altair Monarch

Although Altair Monarch has strong capabilities, it is best suited for large enterprises dealing with substantial amounts of complex data. It may not be suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Since it’s a desktop application, you must download it, which can take up space on your computer; you cannot use it on the web. The problem with desktop application is that the data is trapped on the computer where the application is installed. In comparison, cloud applications allow you to access the data from anywhere and any device.

It requires a learning curve before you can use it properly.

How much does Altair Monarch cost?

It has a free trial but with minimal features. It has been noted that the solution is quite expensive.

Altair Monarch costs $1,995 per user per year and the Monarch server starts at $10,000.

How does Parseur differ from Altair Monarch? has exceptional data parsing capabilities using its OCR software. The main difference between Parseur and Altair Monarch is that Parseur is way more affordable and caters to individuals and every other industry.

Parseur is web-based and easy to set up

The PDF parser is accessible online and from anywhere. Once you’ve signed up, Parseur will guide you through creating your mailbox and extract data from PDF files.

Parseur is template-based extraction

Parseur has built-in templates for different types of documents such as invoices, receipts, Google Alerts, HARO emails or real estate. Those documents are extracted automatically without your manual intervention.

Automating data capture from documents in Parseur is as easy as point and click

Parseur has advanced capabilities in terms of OCR and machine learning

The PDF parsing tool has a robust OCR engine including AI OCR, Zonal OCR and Dynamic OCR. This enables Parseur to extract and process data with a high degree of accuracy.

Read more about Zonal OCR and Dynamic OCR

Invoice data extraction with Parseur

Parseur has AI-assisted templates

You have the option to teach Parseur which data to extract using our AI-assisted templates and ready-made fields.

Once you’ve created a custom template, Parseur will process other documents in the same way.

Parseur is less expensive than other parsing tools

Yes - you’ve heard it correctly! Parseur is way cheaper than other parsing tools. It has a free plan where you can access all the features.

Check out the pricing plans here

Parseur is integrated with 6,000+ applications

You can either download the data in CSV or JSON format. You can also export the data to any application you want using Zapier, Make and Power Automate.

I like how Parseur intuits which template will apply to a new document and applies it automatically. And the Parseur Zapier integration is a life-saver for a low-code founder like myself. And the API is absolutely essential for integrating with my database.


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