How to automate your e-commerce business

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In this article, you will learn how to automate your e-commerce business, even if you don't know how to code. This is called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which provides huge benefits such as increasing data accuracy.

How to automate your e-business for non-developers

Automating the front-end (online store)

Your online store is the only part of your business that is visible and accessible to your customers. Its purpose is to showcase your products and allow your customers to conduct their online shopping effectively.

Even small businesses can be part of this business model. Electronic commerce can be built using Shopify, Wix, Bigcommerce among others. Those industry leaders allow the smooth transition of buying and selling goods through an online shop front, inventory management, and basic back-office system.

Once a customer proceeds to checkout with their credit card, you will get a notification of purchase and will need to fulfill the order somehow.

Why integrate your e-commerce store with an email parser

Manually picking the purchased goods from the inventory and shipping them one by one is part of the fun of starting an e-commerce business.

However, it gets old very quickly, especially if your business is successful and your sales are growing exponentially from month to month.

You can use Parseur and automate everything! With Parseur, you will be able to automatically extract data from your orders received by email and send extracted data to any business application you use, like an order fulfilling application or your accounting software.

Let's see how Parseur can help!

Step 1: Create a free Parseur account

If you don't have an account already, sign up here and create a Parseur account. Parseur is totally and forever free for a limited number of emails sent per month, with all features enabled.

Create my Parseur account
Having a powerful email parsing tool can help you automate your e-commerce, saving you countless hours of work.

Step 2: Create your Parseur mailbox

Once your account is created, enter a name for your e-commerce mailbox.

You can enter anything you'd like.

Enter a name for your Parseur mailbox

Enter a name for your mailbox

Click Next and select Custom emails (default) or Custom emails and attachments if you need to extract data from documents attached to emails.

Select Parseur mailbox type

Select Custom emails as the type

Click Next again.

Step 3: Forward your e-commerce orders to Parseur

On the next screen, Parseur will ask you to forward your first order email.

Parseur awaits you to forward your first email

Parseur waits for you to forward your first email

Click on the copy-to-clipboard button.

Go to your personal mail inbox and forward one of your orders to your Parseur mailbox (paste the email address you just copied into the To field).

Note: for best results, we recommend you setup automatic forwarding of your emails from your original email client (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and not from your phone or desktop email client (Apple Mail, Outlook, etc).

Step 4: Create your e-commerce data extraction template

It usually takes less than 10 seconds for Parseur to receive the email. Once the email has arrived, Parseur will ask you to create a template for it.

Now, tell Parseur which text you want to extract as demonstrated in the video tutorial below:

Parseur can typically extract the following information from each order:

  • Shop name
  • Customer name
  • Customer delivery address
  • Customer billing address
  • Customer email address
  • Customer phone number
  • Order Date
  • Expected delivery date
  • List of Items with for each item line: a Reference, a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), a Quantity, a Description, a Price or Unit Price, a Picture as URL, etc.
  • Subtotal
  • Delivery fees
  • Local Tax, GST (Global Sales Tax) or VAT (Value added tax)
  • Total price
  • Payment method
  • Payment status

Once you have created a template, save it and all emails with a similar layout will be processed.

Step 5: Send extracted order data to your application of choice

All the data which has been extracted can be exported in any format that you require.

Head over to the Export section of your mailbox:

Parseur offers several data export options for your e-commerce orders

Parseur offers several data export options for your e-commerce orders

You can also send the extracted data smoothly to your favorite Online Delivery System, such as Ordering or any accounting system such as Xero. This is easily achieved through Zapier for example, which connects Parseur to the application of your choice.

Head to over Parseur now and automate your e-commerce business instantly!

Fast, simple, reliable, cost-effective

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