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Are you tired of manually transferring data between different apps and tools? Automated workflow platforms like Parseur and Pabbly Connect can help automate these manual processes, saving you time, effort, and resources. In this integration article, we'll explore how Parseur and Pabbly Connect can be integrated to streamline your workflows and improve your productivity.

What is Pabbly Connect?

Founded in 2011, Pabbly Connect is a cloud-based task automation platform that allows users to connect multiple apps and automate workflows without any coding. Pabbly Connect provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of pre-built templates for popular integrations, making it easy for anyone to set up automation quickly and easily.

Pabbly Connect: An alternative to Zapier

Just like any other automation tool, Pabbly Connect has 3 steps:

  1. Trigger
  2. Action
  3. Enabling the workflow
Integrate Parseur with Pabbly
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What differentiates Pabbly Connect from Zapier?

You can perform 3x more workflows than Zapier, and their pricing plans are more affordable. We have compared Pabbly and Zapier in the table below based on a monthly usage of 10,000 tasks.

Pabbly Connect Zapier
Triggers Free Depends on the plan
Internal tasks Free Depends on the plan
Instant Webhooks Yes Yes
Unlimited premium apps Yes Yes
Unlimited operations Yes No
Unlimited team members Yes Only on Zapier for Teams
Integrations 1,000+ 4,000+
Tasks 12,000/month 10,000/month
Pricing $194/year $1,548/year

How does Pabbly Connect work?

Pabbly Connect works by creating connections between different applications through a series of triggers and actions. When a specific trigger occurs in one application, Pabbly Connect automatically performs a predefined action in another application.

Integrations are done either via Webhook or an API module.

Once a workflow is set up, the tool performs checks for new data - this is called operations. And, Pabbly Connect offers unlimited operations.

What apps does Pabbly Connect integrate with?

The automation tool integrates with 1,000+ applications, including CRMs, marketing, and collaboration tools. It also integrates with OpenAI which can be leveraged for any task.

Parseur integration with Pabbly Connect

Parseur integrates with Pabbly Connect the same way it integrates with IFTTT or Make. As a PDF with a robust OCR engine , Parseur can send structured data to thousands of applications.

Parseur is a template-based extraction platform that requires zero coding knowledge, which makes it a great connector for Pabbly.

Step 1: Create a free Parseur mailbox

Parseur has ready-made templates for different types of industries such as food ordering, real estate, invoice, and search alerts.

Depending on the industry you're in, you can create your mailbox accordingly.

For this integration article, we'll take the example of extracting invoice data from PDF invoices

Create a receipt OCR mailbox
Create a receipt OCR mailbox

Step 2: Create an invoice OCR

Parseur has AI-assisted templates providing ready-made fields to create the OCR template.

Once you click on "create", your template will be created within seconds.

Automating data capture from documents in Parseur is as easy as point and click

Step 3: Set up a workflow in Pabbly Connect

Sign in to your Pabbly account and click on "create workflow" on your dashboard.

Create a workflow in Pabbly Connect
Create a workflow in Pabbly Connect

Step 4: Create your trigger as Parseur

Choose "Parseur" as the triggering app and add the triggering event as "document processed".

A Webhook URL will be generated. The trigger step will keep checking each time there's a new document processed in the Parseur mailbox.

Note: In Pabbly, there's only the option of "document processed" or and not "table processed".

Add Parseur as a trigger
Add Parseur as a trigger

Copy the URL and go back to your Parseur mailbox. Click on "Export" and "Webhook and paste the URL as shown below.

Create a Webhook in the Parseur app
Create a Webhook in the Parseur app

Step 5: Connect Google Sheets with Pabbly Connect

Next, let's move to creating an action!  Choose the app where you want to send the parsed data and the action.

Connect Pabbly with Google Sheets
Connect Pabbly with Google Sheets

You should have already created your table with headers in the Google spreadsheet.

Choose your Google spreadsheet
Choose your Google spreadsheet

Step 6: Customize your Google spreadsheet

Map the invoice data from Parseur with the sheet columns.

Customize your Google sheet with the parsed data
Customize your Google sheet with the parsed data

Customize your Google sheet with the parsed data (cont.)
Customize your Google sheet with the parsed data (cont.)

Step 7: Send a test request from Pabbly Connect to Google Sheets

Once you're done mapping, click on "send a test request" and verify whether the data has been automatically sent to the Google spreadsheet.

Send a test from Pabbly to Google Sheets
Send a test from Pabbly to Google Sheets

From now on, each time you send an invoice to the Parseur mailbox, it will be processed automatically, and a new row will be created in the spreadsheet with the data in real-time.

Common FAQ with Pabbly Connect

Is Pabbly Connect free to use?

Yes, they have a free plan for 100 tasks/month.

How much does Pabbly cost?

The standard plan starts at $19/month.

Can it integrate with my favorite apps?

Pabbly can connect to 1,000+ applications.

Can you cancel Pabbly Connect subscription?

Yes, just send an email to [email protected].

Zapier vs Pabbly Connect: which is better?

Both are automation tools which are similar in many ways, such as helping businesses save time on manual processes. If you are a small business with budget constraints, then Pabbly is your best choice.

However, if you operate on a larger scale and have the investment, then Zapier will suit your requirements in a better way.

Can I send table data to Pabbly?

Unfortunately, Pabbly can only process document data at the moment.

Do I have to repeat the above integration steps each time I have a new document?

No. From now on, each time Parseur receives a new document, it will be processed automatically and sent to Pabbly.

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