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In our latest in-depth real estate market analysis, we saw that real estate industry is booming despite the pandemic. As much as this represents an emergence of new opportunities for real estate agents, there are challenges to tackle as well to keep up with those.

In this integration article, we will show you how to create new real estate leads in Wise Agent from parsed email data.

What if you could automate your real estate business and save countless hours?

As an agent, increasing your sales funnel and closing deals are your top priorities. You may be receiving countless leads emails from different platforms such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor or many other real-estate platforms. Those lead-capture emails come in different layouts and formats which you have to manually input into your CRM software. This manual process is time consuming especially if your mailbox is overloaded and you need to get back to potential buyers within a reasonable time frame.

Parseur is a powerful email parser and no code tool that automates data extraction from emails and PDFs. The parsed data can then be exported to Wise Agent in real-time.

Benefits of integrating Parseur with Wise Agent

Integrating your Wise Agent account with Parseur will only scale up your business! With Parseur by your side, you can have an automated workflow process right from the moment you receive an email from a lead.

  • You will no longer have to go through all your emails manually and retrieve specific lead information
  • The lead will be created automatically in Wise Agent
  • You will save countless hours of manual tasks
  • You will be able to focus your attention on building and maintaining customer relationships

Steps to integrate Wise Agent with Parseur

  • Your Parseur mailbox
  • A Zapier account
  • Your Wise Agent account

Step 1: Create your free Parseur mailbox to collect your real estate leads

Parseur is totally and forever free for a limited number of emails sent per month, with all features enabled. Click on the link below to create your Parseur account.

Integrate Parseur with Wise Agent
Try out our powerful document processing tool for free.

Create your mailbox and select Real estate leads for the mailbox type. Parseur is a visual template tool that has a built-in library of templates that will automatically process the data extraction.

Select mailbox type
Select mailbox type

By selecting the real estate mailbox:

Step 2: Forward the lead email to your Parseur mailbox

Once your mailbox is created, forward one of your lead emails to it. You can also set up an auto-forwarding rule to forward all your emails automatically to the Parseur mailbox.

Email received in Parseur mailbox
Email received in Parseur mailbox

Step 3: Extract the leads data to send to Wise Agent

You can head on to this article where we showed you how data is extracted automatically using a typical contact email from Zillow.

Your parsed results will look like this:

Data extracted from your real estate email
Data extracted from your real estate email

Step 4: Configure Zapier to send extracted data to Wise Agent

Zapier makes it easy to connect applications together without relying on developers and coding knowledge. Go to "export", click on "Zapier" and search for Wise Agent. Click on create zap, which will bring you to your Zapier dashboard.

Export parsed data to Zapier
Export parsed data to Zapier

Step 5: Connect Zapier with Parseur

You will be asked to sign in to your Parseur account and choose the mailbox so that Zapier can retrieve the parsed email data.

Choose Parseur account
Choose Parseur account

Select Parseur mailbox
Select Parseur mailbox

Step 6: Connect Zapier with Wise Agent

You will then be asked to log into your Wise Agent account. Once your account is connected, use the extracted data from Parseur to fill in the data fields.

Choose Wise Agent account
Choose Wise Agent account

Choose action event as add lead
Choose action event as add lead

Map the data from Parseur to the lead details
Map the data from Parseur to the lead details

Map the data from Parseur to the lead details (cont.)
Map the data from Parseur to the lead details (cont.)

Step 7: Turn your zap ON and your Wise Agent integration is complete!

You can send a test trigger to see if the integration is successful. The whole process will be automated once your integration is complete.

Turn the zap on to complete the integration
Turn the zap on to complete the integration

Lead added automatically in Wise Agent
Lead added automatically in Wise Agent

Turn the Zap on and your integration is complete!

From now on, every other email that you send to your Parseur mailbox will be automatically processed and exported to Wise Agent as a new lead.

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