New advanced post processing using Python code

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You can now perform advanced manipulations of your parsed data by writing post processing Python code. This frequently requested feature opens up exciting scenarios to integrate with third party APIs or your own servers or add complex business logic into your parsing workflow.

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The new Post processing module

Using the Post Processing module, you can write Python code to perform the most advanced data manipulation such as:

  • split fields into subfields
  • merge fields
  • perform computations like calculating price sums or taxed amount
  • perform date and time manipulations
  • search and extract data following regular expression patterns
  • iterate through your table fields
  • change the parsed data structure, for example to integrate with a specific API
  • change the parsed data depending on your business logic
  • stop the parsing workflow depending on your business logic
  • ... etc. Possibilities are endless!

The post processing module lets you select a sample document result. Then, write your post processing code and Parseur will show you the transformed result in real time!

A screen capture of post processing code
Add your post processing code and check the results in real-time!

Learn more about writing Python code to post process your data.

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