User friendly, awesome support and it works

The Parseur guys are super competent and have designed a really nice product. I first tried a competing mailparser which was in my opinion much more complicated to setup as you needed to design various rules around what information to parse. For me it wasn't only complicated but simply did not work in the end for my needs as incoming emails don't always have the exact surrounding text structure required to determine which information to parse. I even had their support team try but to no avail.

Then came Parseur, the difference is night and day. First of all the parsing is dead simple and only requires you to highlight the specific parts of incoming email you will be parsing rather than create rules. When you do this a handful of times, the system learns how to handle different structures in what they call your "templates". Right from the get-go the guys from Parseur were probably the most helpful and knowledgeable team i've come across in a long time which is saying a lot when i work with countless third parties for our SaaS company.


Matt V. via Alternative to

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