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by Parseur Staff
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I was previously using Zapier's Parser app and I was having a major problem parsing emails from Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads because there is like 5+ email formats each from them for customer leads inquiring about homes i have for rent. Zapier parser app does not have the ability to use different templates to keep up with the inconsistent email formats i was receiving.

I'm using Zapier to pull the customer information into my CRM and on a google spreadsheet.

I'm so happy i found Parseur it allows you to build unlimited template styles to follow every type of email i get. Once these are set i get exactly the correct information i want parsed every time!!!! Which i am so pumped about because the last app i was using was sending the wrong data almost 80% of the time and i have to manually fix it on my end.

On top of all that the Chat box on their site is your best friend, these guys are super helpful to getting me set up. And they are even cleaning up my templates that i make to make them run smoother and teaching me best practices to get the most out of their app