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Having thousands of email orders requiring parsing, unknowingly having slight variation in layouts which causes issues with parsing software, Parseur was able to quickly process the majority then keep me up to date with others that required template variations. Having tried other parsing software prior to this where these apps only indicated failed emails that couldn't be parsed at the end of a run with no further help, making it an expensive subscription, time-consuming and frustrating ordeal.

Parseur was the answer from the start and I wish I had discovered it initially. The guys that run the live support desk are the founders and programmers. Their feedback has always been prompt, accurate, concise and offered alternative solutions and ways around the support request. They understand customer support and value their customers. What is nice is that they follow up with the solved issue personally at a later date to see how it has worked out, which is a really nice touch. As far as I am concerned, they provide the template for any application customer support line. Great work guys.


The simple layout of the app with logical steps and instructions. But the most valuable feature is the ability for the app to advise on which emails have failed to be processed, call them out and allow for new templates to be created solving the issue. This is such a time-saving feature that also takes away the frustration when bulk emails are expected to pass but don't due to some minor layout discrepancy that has not been picked up when initially reviewed manually.


The only very minor point is the lack of instructions on all of the features and functionality past the standard logical use. If like me, you see more potential uses for the app once the basic setup has been completed, there is a lack of explanation of the other advanced checkboxes and required function code examples, etc. The support is excellent so not a problem but it would be nice for an in-depth helpdesk where the difference in timezone feedback is an issue.

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Reasons for Switching to Parseur: Parserr software functionality was poor and the support, even though was offered, was nonexistent. After weeks of self trialing and errors trying to solve the parsing issues with their support only answering 1 of every 5 support requests and followups (and then that was only partly addressed), I gave up and researched Parseur.