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Portrait of Parseur Staff
by Parseur Staff
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What do you like best?

1.The ease and speed of using the product for quick results (user-experience consciously designed) 2.The ease and speed at which you can get help (no matter what time of the day or night...someone always seems to be available and immediately effective at fixing whatever you need). 3.The pricing model.

What do you dislike?

40 characters: Nada. Zilch. Niet. Gooseeggs.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Parseur and parsing (the front-end) is the easy part... it's what do you do with the output (the back-end integration) that is the challenging part. If you are looking to parse and import emails into a database, then focus equally on solid downstream integration and testing (ie.Zapier). For a truly effective (and non-frustrating business experience), you want to design, test and implement your solution end-to-end. Parseur does a great job for it's segment of the end-to-end / closed-looped process.

What business problems are you solving with the product?

B2B ecommerce / supply chain automation: We are taking in-bound Purchase Order Acknowledgements and ASN (Advanced Ship Notifications) emails from our suppliers, parsing them and then uploading them automatically into our material demand/supply planning system. This gives our company real-time, data-driven visibility and accuracy which allows us to make confident/predictable decisions every day (advanced dispatching of our work crews knowing the materials will be there). No need for heavy EDI, B2B integration costs or complex infrastructure to support the business. No code business process.