Best service and product, amazing support team

Portrait of Parseur Staff
by Parseur Staff
1 min read

What do you like best?

Well structured interface that does parsing a really easy thing especially for non-developer

Amazing support, got answer within minutes!

What do you dislike?

So far it suits all our needs from such service

Recommendations to others considering the product

Support team is just amazing as well as the product! I experienced some difficulties with my mail server adjustments and then with zapier integration due to specifics of my mail form. I never could have guessed that I will get a reply from tech support within minutes! And they are not just answered some pretty stupid questions but actually helped to adjust settings to my needs. Even more important - the service interface is so well structured that parsing became a really easy thing especially for non-developer.

What business problems are you solving with the product?

Cheap and easy solution for parsing email data into google sheets and our database. Requires no codding/developer knowledge to up and run - much easier to work with requests submitted through a contact form on our website.