Parseur has helped me parse emails in an elegant way


The things I like most about Parseur is that it is so well thought out. The interface makes sense, the tooltips are contextual and help by walking me through the steps. The parsing engine seems to work well thus far and their support is responsive.


For some reason I can't figure out how many emails I have left on my paid account. It seems to me that this information should be easy to find but I can't find it. I'm going to ask support for help but thought I'd mention it here. I fear that my allotted number of emails will be reached and I won't know about it. May be unfounded but honestly that's my only complaint.


Easy to use parsing engine. I also use the free Zapier parser but find your solution so much better and easier to use.

Many thanks for your review and comments! I'm happy to report that the user quota is now displayed on all pages in the navigation bar and updated in real time.

—Parseur support

Donovan W. via Capterra

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